Jukiyo: Social Media For Creative People

by Jenny Caplan in Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Jukiyo: Social Media For Creative People


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Jukiyo aims to help creative people, such as aspiring animators and game designers, create and collaborate on projects with people globally.

by Jenny Caplan in Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hello, I’m Jenny Caplan. I’m currently studying Computer Arts at Abertay University. I have developed my own anime fan groups on Facebook and now have over 200 thousand members worldwide. I want to develop a social media network to allow users to create and manage a group with better features and management systems than are currently avalible.

Many members I have talked to in my groups aspire to work in the creative industry. I believe that it would be great to have special features to facilitate group collaboration allowing our existing and future members to gain experience and learn from one another.

Our vision

A world where creative ideas are brought to life by utilising the full-potential of the internet to encourage a new age of culture, education and productivity.

Our mission

Jukiyo connects creative people and builds an educational environment to encourage and sustain innovation through social collaboration and mutual understanding.

Phase 1- Social : We want to create a social media project website that will cater to creative peoples' needs. The website will include a new innovative and visually vibrant user-interface with a customisable navigation system. 

The website will host community based groups under different categories to help each other learn and explore their passions. Features may include: Artist/portfolio gallery, education groups, role-play account, anime/gaming fan groups, 'spoiler' protection posting system and more. We will connect local creative communities and game companies leading to bigger opportunities and international publicity.

Phase 2 - Education: We want to focus on helping people to learn by encouraging users to create and collaborate on non-profit projects such as making a game for fun or experience. This feature will be free and will encourage much greater participation and increase the number of monthly active users thus increasing potential website earnings. 

Our biggest target audience is age 15-25. This age range is especially interested in discovering their passions and exercising their potential and are the future of the creative industry. They can form a team by using special audition features, allowing the user to cast other members or be casted in a role with another member and share the completed project. Members can also build their reputation by completing projects and thereby developing their profile within Jukiyo. Other creative elements include interactive tutorials that will be formatted in the style of a matchmaking game for simple group project creation. 

In phases 3: Professional and phase 4: Creative: We are developing ways in which our website will allow creative people to bypass the need for a manager or an agent thus maximising their own income and helping them to maintain control over their own creativity and ultimate professional profile.

Revenue Streams: Internal and external advertisement, tutorials, interactive tutorials, web-comics, subscription for Jukiyo Projects (phase 4).

Funding Target

The complete website development will cost over £100,000 but if we manage to raise at least £10,000 this will help us to develop our minimal viable product. The stretch target/additional funding will help us build the complete website faster. We have  broken the development down into phases so that we can raise sufficient funds to get it off the ground and eventually generate enough income to support its own future development. Phases are subject to evolve as development progresses to bring our customers and lead users the best website possible. 


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