Changing the South Asian Narrative

by Juice in London, England, United Kingdom

Changing the South Asian Narrative
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Juice is a platform to share the lived experiences of South Asians. Through art we want to create conversations, connections and reflection.

by Juice in London, England, United Kingdom


"we are voices, we are choices, we are flawed and flawless, we are taboo and secrecy, both in fear and fearlessly, we are new and progressive and we are everything you’ve always known, grown from spices, tea leaves, yoghurt, all of those stereotypes and so much more, we are tough and harsh yet loving, caring, god-fearing, god seeking, we are who knows if gods there to believe in, we are a platform to support and create, we are community centres and family gatherings, we are art in everything we do and will do, we are you, we are family, we are friends, we are enemies, we are number one fans and the biggest haters."


We want Juice to be a platform for sharing the lived experiences within South Asian cultures. Through art, we aim to reflect the multifaceted experiences of South Asians, create conversations and connect people. Our platform will be for South Asians to contribute to since our work is not often reflected in the mainstream media, and hopefully for all audiences to engage with.

  • We are currently establishing ourselves as an online and print publication. Our online platforms - social media and website - have now launched.
  • We're currently in the process of designing and curating the first issue of Juice. In order to be able to print in the volume and quality we're hoping for, we need some extra help with the funds.
  • Following Juice's first publication, we aim to have a launch party with performances and contributions from South Asian artists. The funds we raise will also contribute to putting this event on.

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