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The main aim of this project is to raise enough capital for the up and running costs of a brand new Juice/Smoothie bar

by JuiceDailyUK in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

Are you content with your current dietary choices? Wouldn’t you love to just feel that little more refreshed everyday or even just happier with your overall dietary choices? How would you feel to know that your quality of health was about to be brought to new heights?

Me and my team are a start-up based in South London and have come together to discuss the new ways of enhancing the quality of living for those wanting to better their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.. After all, health is wealth right? 

In a time where fast food restaurants are taking over the world and nutritious eating has been pushed aside for the convenience of junk food being so accessible, affordable and convenient - it’s difficult to not give in, especially for low income populations. Poor diet and nutrition are recognised as major contributory risk factors for ill health and premature deaths not just in the UK but all around the world and that’s why we are here! We want to be part of the solution and make a change to the modern western diet, so our citizens can live ill-health free! We aim to achieve this by creating juice bars around the area and providing juices which come from natural extracts as well as the purest forms of fruits and vegetables. Sounds like quite an idea, doesn’t it? It is no doubt that diet and nutrition have a massive impact on how we feel on a day to day basis and opportunities like this do not come around so often.

We are currently looking to push forth this agenda, which has led us to this very website. We are hoping to raise a realistic amount of capital for the up and running costs of this business along with the other expenses that come into play.

It’s time to make the community a better place, so please Join us, support us and become part of the solution, not the problem!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

As a way of showing our appreciation, anyone who wants to make a contribution can expect a discount on our services for life once up and running

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