#OneVoice Judicial Review Plans

by Joanne Welch, Campaign Director in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th June 2018 we successfully raised £21,391 with 1217 supporters in 21 days

To fund the next Legal step and also sustain our Campaign.

by Joanne Welch, Campaign Director in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

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Maggie MacPhee 29th June 2018

Thank you so much for supporting, speaking up for us 50s women. I am already being swindled out of around £30k by my ex husband, on land we owned in a SIPP, then there's the swindling out of another £36K+ by the government. I am no longer looking at a secure future/retirement, and this is stressing me out. Thanks so much.

Miss Madeline Mooney 29th June 2018

I am nearly 63.I did plan to get my pension at 60. This situation is so wrong.The government still does not treat Women as important,yes we have the vote,but now it's time to take control of our lives.It is taking ages to get a fair wage for women, the government will say things can not be changed overnight,but my goodness they were quick to get us in line with mens pensions. Enough is Enough.Just put women's pensions back to 60. Then let the wheels turn slowly to make our pensions the same as men,. as they do for the rest of women's rights

Lesley Reeves 28th June 2018

My husband will have retired 5yesrs by the time I retire ,we were looking forward to a happy retirement together ,now he's stuck at home on his own ,while I still have to work till I'm 66 !!! Think the government are hoping most of us will be dead by then ,save them paying out !!!

Clare Duggan 28th June 2018

Right behind this campaign. Successive Governments' treatment of 50s women is blatant discrimination and evidence of their disregard for the women who have suffered inequality throughout their lives. These women should not be punished any further.

Lindsey Gibson 28th June 2018

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It is wonderful that action is being taken & that the government is being called to account for this travesty.

Lesley Dawson 28th June 2018

A big thank you to those taking the lead in this campaign, and love hugs to all the people out there who are suffering because of these ill thought out decisions regarding our SP's. Makes my blood boil everytime I think about it!

Hilda ROSEMARY Simpson 28th June 2018

Keep up the good work. Am glad you're fighting for us who are still working. Like many others I found out in 2014, 4 years before I expected to start receiving my state pension that I would't for 10 years. How can they expect us to be able to earn sufficient money to support ourselves till we're 66 when on minimum wage? We've not all been fortunate enough to be in "good" high earning jobs as we get older, especially those who have come out of the jobs market for health matters or to look after family etc . I wonder how many Ministers' or top Civil servants' mums or sisters are in our position? Daylight Robbery!

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