Judicial Review into Safeguarding at the DWP

by Mike Carroll-Owen in Manvers, England, United Kingdom

Judicial Review into Safeguarding at the DWP


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To bring a legal challenge against the Department for Work & Pensions over its failure to use adequate 'Safeguarding Processes'

by Mike Carroll-Owen in Manvers, England, United Kingdom

In May 2017 a Claimant at the DWP was deemed as Vulnerable by a Team within the DWP; this team did try to pass this decision to Local Benefits Centre to carry out the DWP's Internal Vulnerability Guidance to support this claimant through the process however the Local Benefit Centre's ignored the decision on the claimants vulnerability and left the claimant to suffer in silent because at the same time they ignored the Vulnerability Decision the PIP Benefits Centre also removed access from the Telephone Service even though a decision had been made on the vulnerability of this claimant.

This inquiry needs to happen because I am the claimant who was deemed as vulnerable; meaning that the impact of the DWP's ignorance has had a dramatic effect on my mental health; it has caused me to many nights to cry myself to sleep because the reason i was deemed as vulnerable is that I am a Male Child Sexual Exploitation Survivor and my Mental Health was already fragmented before this happened it just so happens that the DWP have made my mental health worse by their inaction around Vulnerability & Safeguarding.

The DWP after a year and a half decided to give me a Vulnerable Customer Champion for PIP to support my claim but it was riddled now with errors and it was 2 years old the form what I had sent in at the time i made my application. ESA continue to deny I am Vulnerable because I can use a telephone.

This what has happened and is being said are catastrophic safeguarding failures and need urgent investigation as to how and why it was able to happen as this could be a root cause to some of the 130,000 deaths we have seen happen under the Welfare Reforms this is why I would like to bring a legal challenge through the means of a Judicial Review into Safeguarding at the DWP into effect.

With many inquiries already taken place into the WCA & PIP assessments each and everyone of the effective inquiries failed to actually look into 'Safeguarding Properly' meaning that information such as the 'Assessment Providers' CHDA, Capita & Independent Assessment Service only making 3 Local Authority Safeguarding Referrals in 3 years till the end of Jan 2019 collectively.


With written evidence of the Safeguarding Failure from the DWP there is no time like the present to start this litigation against the DWP.

Let's make 'Judicial Review into Safeguarding at the DWP' happen

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