Joyce Frankland Academy IT Appeal

by Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport in Newport, England, United Kingdom

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On 7th August 2019 we successfully raised £14,260 with 113 supporters in 42 days

Our aim is to raise enough money to make critical refurbishment of our IT equipment.

by Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport in Newport, England, United Kingdom

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Joyce Frankland Academy has been an educational establishment since 1588. It has a long tradition of delivering high-quality teaching and promoting student development in a rural village. Our new motto “Explore, Fulfil and Flourish” reflects our aim to continue with that tradition. Achieving this aim does require substantial funding. However, our budget is very challenging. A significant factor for the 2019/20 educational year is that we will be funded below the National Funding minimum. This is because Essex County Council Education Authority has retained the ability to set its own formulae for distribution of funds and has moved funding from the Schools block to the High Needs block to resolve a deficit in its Special Education Needs budget. As a result, our Academy will, in many cases, be able to afford to provide only the essential elements of meeting our curriculum obligations.

As an Academy, our aim is to be inclusive rather than exclusive. We do not wish to be making requests for financial assistance on an ongoing basis to parents to enable us to provide aspects of the education of their children for which there is otherwise no budget provision. Our particular current concern is to be able to provide the environment to support the delivery of education in this digital age. Our Information Technology (IT) infrastructure needs to be overhauled and the hardware and software brought up-to-date and given the platform to be the basis for that situation to continue. Our target is to raise £100,000 for this purpose.

This project will have short-term and long-term aims.

In the short term we need to be able to continue to deliver quality education to our students in this technology-driven world, to provide the software support to the administration of the Academy with the standard packages that we run and to operate specialist application tools in areas such as online mental health and career assessment which are essential in managing the wellbeing and development of our students.

In the longer term, the Hardware and software infrastructure will need to develop and remain current as technology advances. Our computer equipment is at the end of its operational life and the rooms in which it is housed need to be refurbished.

The project will need to be carefully managed to enable current needs to continue to be met while the new and updated infrastructure is implemented.

The 3 computer rooms used by the students contain almost 100 desktop computers.

No doubt you will hear that the time taken to access the online facilities is very slow despite the valiant efforts of our IT Support Team.

The Operating System platform is about to reach end of the period where it is supported with functional and security updates. We can upgrade the Operating System as we have the required licences but the processing capabilities of the machines are not at the level required to run the updated versions.

We have to make the decision to update the operating system software, the hardware on which it runs and to replace any application packages that will not operate in this new environment. This is a large and costly undertaking. It is essential if we are to provide the level of computer support to classrooms and the Academy’s administrative functions which are a necessity in this technological age. That is why we are asking for your support in ultimately raising a £100,000.

If you can’t offer financial support but have machines you are removing from your business that are under 5 years old, we would happily use them.

If you would like to donate via our “Crowdfunder” Page, please paste the link into your browser.

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