Joya Art Residency Spain 2017

Joya Art Residency Spain 2017

I am looking to raise funds to travel to Spain for a research and art making trip. Funders will be rewarded in art.

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On 24th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £55 with 3 supporters in 42 days

Having recently finished my MA in Fine Art at Margaret Street Birmingham, I am looking to raise funds to attend a residency in the Sierra Maria in Spain. Taking place at Joya Arte+ Ecologia I plan to develop my practice and further my art career with a series of new work engaging in their ethos,  'to live off-grid and foster deep understandings of the alpine desert, whose transformation serves as an epithet to effects of climate change worldwide.'  

My own practice has ties with the 'idea' of Spain and a relationship with Spain itself. The new body of work would explore this relationship, along with a growing relationship with food and culture, sustainability, and the wider climate.While away I plan to create a body of work and make the most to learn about the environment of the Sierra Maria, as well as develop skills in foraging which I aim to bring back to Birmingham. I want to be able to engage with this place and bring aspects of this way of living back to Birmingham for a future exhibition. I hope to reward funders with art and the possibility of collaboration. 

My practice encompasses ideas surrounding gesture. Working with the residual, the vestige of an arts practice I investigate an idea of time, the continuing ruptures/ reformation/ the nonsensical to the sensual, in a multiplicity of forms and ideas. Formulations of ideas can spring from any mode of living/ thought/ making and connections are formed everywhere. Pieces are often traces of events or objects that are vestiges of gestures. I question notions of authenticity through my practice, and the nature of experience and that translation or transference of experience, whether that is a gesture, a performance, a photograph or a piece of prose.

I like to explore aspects of nature and the romantic within my practice, pieces tend to inhabit a spirit of melancholy and humor. Pieces embrace a romantic spirit while being aware of the inherent flaws of a solely romantic attitude; in response to this, I approach pieces conceptually. Through this approach, the pieces each become meditative in their realizations rather than solely conceptual.

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