Help me with art supplies!

by Joy Susannah Art in Ossett, England, United Kingdom


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Help me raise some modest funds to buy some artist supplies, canvases and start a website, so that I can produce more art to sell

by Joy Susannah Art in Ossett, England, United Kingdom

Blessings and curses!
Lockdown due to Covid-19 meant my livelihood as a children’s party entertainer was on pause or over - definitely the curse bit! But lockdown also afforded me the time I would never otherwise have had to diversify my skills by picking up my paintbrush again after over 20 years! That’s the blessing bit! 

I started painting pebbles with my children, which lead into selling some and starting a Facebook page to promote my art, with the aim that some of the proceeds go towards a charitable cause I am visiting next year in Ethiopia, rather than asking for sponsorship. 

Crowdfunder has opened up their platform to help people like me get on their feet!

Please help me launch a flexible, home-based business so I can not just weather this storm but aim to fly above the clouds!

I would like to buy a modest amount of artist’s materials (I’ve mainly been borrowing my daughter’s!) and canvases (I’ve been painting over second hand ones) to create my first online collection to put up for sale, and to gain commissions. I can’t sell anything until I have something to sell,lol!

Being already self-employed and highly motivated to run my own business, I already know the basics  about working online, running a website and promotion and have been attending ‘YouTube university’ during lockdown for business training and art college, as well as having an #adventureinart exploring abstract painting in my kitchen, I mean, studio!

I would love to invite you to be part of the ‘joyinthejourney’ as I create abstract pieces of work - from seeing them painted in the videos, to owning your very own unique piece too! With that in mind I have the put together a list of thank you gifts for your kind donation. 

I will be asking for your kind contribution helping me with my startup costs which include:

paint and paintbrushes - around £55

approx 3 canvases in 4 different sizes (so 12 canvases) - £50

A basic website/hosting - £100 for making the website (amazing value price from my friend), hosting = £2.50/month, and £10 for a domain name = £140 for the first year.

Money to use in Facebook ads to promote the website and collection once ready - £150

total - £395

If you kind people were able to bless me with more, I would also like 3 VERY large canvases which cost approx £80 each as they’re specially made, so £240. 

If you would like to help an emerging artist, a creative, a mum who is in a challenging but potentially exciting time, there are thank yous I am offering in the form of artwork. (If my modern art isn’t your thing, or you just don’t have space, I won’t be offended if you’d rather just make a contribution!)

Let's make 'Help me with art supplies!' happen

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