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Accessible eSports! Where skills pay the bills. Compete in cash prize tournaments and make money on your favorite online games!!

We did it!

On 4th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 28 days


About this project

The gaming industry has risen rapidly over the past decade, with many gamers spending fortunes on games, consoles and PC Hardware. In-fact, the PC gaming market is the only industry that grew during the recession (The Market For Computer & Video Games - The Guardian in 2009 reported that AAA game titles make more money than Hollywood films and game launch sales continue to rise ever higher. The gaming market is expected to exceed $107 (Billion per year) in 2017. There are more than 1.7 billion gamers in the world of which 700 million play online and nearly 300 million engage in competitive gaming (esports).

There is a niche market within the industry that is also on the rise, regardless of which platform, and can be seen by the increasing implementation of news on the subject (for example, BBC Sport covered esports for the first time in 2015, the League Of Legends game 2015 Championship and it was noted that the viewers were five times that of a Premiership Football.

E-sports are becoming so prevalent, that top names in the IT and technology sector have put forward gaming teams of their own and offered sponsorship to the superstars of E-sports, as they have recognised the potential earnings from indirect marketing. Not only that, but earnings of e-sports gamer teams on a single game title in the fourth quarter of 2012 alone well surpassed $6,000,000 (The International 2013: Dota 2 Championships - Seattle, Washington, USA).

However the professional e-sports arena is a tough sector to break into, and we have created with the goal of allowing ALL gamers the opportunity to play competitively against the wider gaming community, to be rewarded for their skill and make cash for their hard work and time.

Joust It facilitates its users to find competitively skilled opponents to play against on their favourite online games with the option to enter paid tournaments and win cash prizes. We aim to provide users with the option to play on any game/platform. Users can create their own tournaments, or join another user’s by paying a user-defined entry fee which contributes towards the total cash stake or 'prize-pool'. This is particularly advantageous as: • Users can create or choose a match suitable for their own budget. • Users can stipulate their parameters; date & time of match, rules, number of entrants and minimum and maximum skill of entrants.

Our goal at Joust It is to make esports accessible to every gamer!


  • Beta Website near completion
  • Open beta testing saw 29,000 users register in 48 hours
  • Few competitors in nascent industry with a true niche
  • The gaming market is expected to exceed $107 billion in 2017
  • Of sample 94% of gamers would participate if available.

Upto now, the project has been wholly financed by the founder who has expended every last penny on making Joust It happen.

We require funding for development (the site is 95% complete and requires only approximately 30 hours of programming development before launch) and integration of games API (allows us to automatically retrieve game results from users) and any further features seen fit. Marketing and SEO; hiring of a permanent staff member and costs towards advertisements, marketing and SEO. Maintenance and expenses for three years.

What will you get?

A platform to find and play games competitively! If you're a casual gamer or looking to make a career in esports, Joust It will be the place for you.

The added thrills and excitement of playing for real cash takes gaming to an entire new level.

Finally, on a personal note you would get the eternal gratitude and thanks of an sole warrior fighting to make his dream a reality!


Risks and challenges

The site has been under construction since 2012 and has taken years to get this far wholly due to lack of finance for development. Since then, numerous companies have entered the esports area and seems to be a unique and nascent concept, for now! Your help will get Joust It up there in the Esports industry before the giants take over!

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