Joshua's Fight For Life

Joshua's Fight For Life

We are raising funds to get Joshua a life saving operation in America

We did it!

On 2nd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £770 with 12 supporters in 56 days

This is our son Joshua Burns Adair, He has Jeune’s Thoracic Dystrophy which is a very rare form of dwarfism that has only effected his rib cage, it is bell shaped and is now slowly crushing him to death. We were told he would never survive birth, we were told he would not reach the age of 1, so we had him christened. We were then told that he would never sit or even stand, you can see by his photo that he can stand and he can also walk, Joshua is now 5 years old and beginning to thrive in his own little life.

He has had two operations at Great Ormond Street in London that were experimental; they now can’t do anymore to help him. Ourselves as parents have searched far and wide to find somewhere that could help prolong Joshua’s life. We have found a hospital in America called CHOP, we have made friends with a couple on Facebook that have a little boy with the same condition who has been given an operation called VEPTR, he is now able to play football with his dad. We have looked and found and contacted a hospital in Sheffield who can carry out this same operation but have refused to help Joshua, So we have been in contact with CHOP and passed over all of Joshua’s medical records and images, they have looked at these and have come back to us stating that they can help Joshua by carrying out this VEPTER operation. BUT the cost of this operation in the states is $750,000 for each side of his chest and then there is a 9 to 10 years’ worth of repeat visits to the hospital for adjustments to the VEPTER to increase the size of his rib cage. As a working class family we just do not have that sort of money to pay out, and even with private health care it still would not cover the cost. We have been trying to raise money in every way we can, I myself am a diehard Rangers fan asked on one of the forums if the Rangers Family could help in any way to raise money to get Joshua over to America. The Rangers family have been outstanding in their efforts to help Joshua and have raised Thousands of pounds, In fact we have raised nearly £30,000 but are a long way from getting even the first operation of $750.000 for Joshua never mind the rest. As a father I would do anything to save my little boys life so it has come to this, If you could would you help Joshua with a small or large Donation to help get him to America, could you pass the word on or could you have some way that you could help our little boy Joshua wither it be assigned autograph that we could auction or any small thing that could help.

You can Google Joshua Burns Adair and you will find lots of information on my son and what we have already been doing to help with his cause.

Joshua has a chance to have a great life but all because of money we are having to ask complete strangers for help and I only hope that you your self can find in your heart that little piece of love to help our beautiful little boy.

Thank You for reading and I hope you can help in some way.

Joshua Burns Adair and his family.

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