Jonny & Ellie's Half-Marathon for Crutch4Sarcoma

Jonny & Ellie's Half-Marathon for Crutch4Sarcoma

We are attempting to run the Bath Half Marathon 2016 to raise money and awareness for of Sarcoma, a lesser known form of cancer.

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £605 with 37 supporters in 56 days

Sarcoma is a rare and aggressive form of cancer which can affect a wide range of different areas of the body.

We were first introduced to the condition by our friend Dominique, who has been cancer free for 9 years after suffering from sarcoma as a child. It is hard not to be inspired by the story of her fight against sarcoma. After being declared cancer-free, a number of complications have been detrimental to her recovery.

Despite these complications she has not only gone above and beyond in terms of her efforts in raising awareness for sarcoma, but also doing so with an incredibly positive outlook which is infectious to all of those who meet her, ourselves included. She has started the charity initiative Crutch4Sarcoma which was kicked off by a marathon performed entirely on crutches!

But others are not so lucky. Due to a lack of awareness, sarcoma research is hugely neglected and underfunded, even though the survival rates for 5 years may be as low as 60% in some forms of the condition. Overall sarcoma recieves less than 1% of the total research funding for cancer. As a result of this, sarcoma is often termed ‘the forgotten cancer’.

That's why we've decided to run the Bath Half Marathon, both to increase awareness of sarcoma and to raise as much money as we possibly can to go towards research. Ideally, with this crowd-funding campaign we’d like to help many others like Dominique in the future to cope with and beat sarcoma!

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