Joining the Dots: The Highland Trail 550 Journal

We are producing a 100-page high-quality journal, consisting of words and emotive images, to tell the tale of The Highland Trail 550.

We did it!

On 22nd Nov 2016 we successfully raised £10,716 of £3,350 target with 461 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Owing to the massive and unexpected success of our Crowdfunder in its first week, we're extending our stretch target to £10,000.

£5,390 of this will cover the cost of printing our journal, and posting it out to all those who've so generously pledged. £50 will cover Crowdfunder's fee.

The other £4,560 we'll spend on getting our message to as many women and girls as possible - focussing on the people we think we can help most: those who aren't already part of the cycling scene, who've never heard of the Highland Trail 550, who've never ridden a mountain bike - who are most in need of being inspired, encouraged and enabled to believe they are capable of more.

  • An extra £2,560 will pay for 8 school workshops, anywhere in the UK. (These cost £320 each, covering preparation, travel and a speaker's fee. Please get in touch if you know a school who might be interested.)
  • An extra £1,000 will subsidise 20 free places on our 'Women & Bicycles' weekends in Oxford and Nottingham, enabling even more women to be part of the action.
  • Another £1,000 will part-fund a bikepacking course in Swanage, enabling women who might not otherwise have been able to afford it to discover the simplicity and excitement of getting outside on their bikes (and in their bivvy bags), and build their skills and confidence for future expeditions.

We're already bowled over by the amount of support we've received, and we're extremely excited about the opportunity this gives us to extend our work to those who need it most, and to keep the Syndicate going into 2017 and beyond. Thank you.

Limited Edition prints have now been added as  rewards! You can choose from the three images below (from left to right; A, B, C) :

The Highland Trail 550  is a fully self-supported individual mountain bike time trial in the Scottish Highlands. Riders depart from Tyndrum and race 550 miles off-road in as fast a time as possible. They can eat and sleep when they like but the clock doesn't stop. 

Joining The Dots is Lee Craigie's narrative supported by James Robertson's images spliced with the stories of others riders. 

With the foreword by race founder Alan Goldsmith and the main narrative by Adventure Syndicate athlete Lee Craigie, the story is supported by the words of competitiors Ian Fitz, Javi Simon, Liam Glen and Philip Addyman. Lee's sister Kim offers a fascinating insight from a "dot-watcher's" point of view, having watched the five-day race unfold on Trackleaders (a website where riders are represented as coloured dots on a map via live GPS tracking).

These voices, together with the haunting photography of James Robertson, tell the gripping, life-changing, euphoric tale of this unique adventure in the Scottish Highlands. 

This crowdfunding appeal aims to cover the print run costs of a beautiful 100-page limited-edition journal telling the story of 2017's Highland Trail 550, and encourages supporters to make a pledge to undertake something they are not quite sure they are capable of in 2017. Just like Lee did. 



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