Joining A Cult

We are raising money to produce a ten minute, studio-based sitcom for our final year production.

We did it!

On 21st Dec 2017 we successfully raised £445 with 16 supporters in 42 days

When tone deaf Pat drunkenly agrees to join a band, he doesn't actually think it'll happen. BUT, after the band starts booking gigs, he realises he's going to have to learn how to play the keyboard - AND FAST!

Joining A Cult follows Pat, a young man that is thrown into the deep end after drunkenly agreeing to be in a band with flamboyant lead singer Andy. After meeting the band he's meant to be playing with, Pat quickly realises that he can't play the keyboard - the instrument he's be assigned to play. When Andy books a gig, Pat finds himself stuck, and afraid of letting his new found band members down.

For our final year production, we are looking to make a studio-based sitcom with a fully fledge set. We would like it to be industry and top standard and thus, are asking you for help. We need funding for: actors to play our wonderful and varied characters. props such as instruments to fill our set. travel to allow the cast and crew to get to location to actually make it happen. accommodation for the cast to stay in. food to feed our cast and crew for all their hard work and costumes to dress our actors to fit their characters. But most importantly, set design. We need a fully ledge set for this sitcom to work.

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