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Joined Up Thinking.. A poetry venture, new for 2016.. Would you like to benefit? Gift donations £5, Rewards from £10.00.

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Joined Up thinking.. (ponderings of a new years resolutionary)


Your defining moment begins when your purpose is revealed

realisations sometimes take time

Sometimes they are thunder strikes

I waited half a lifetime for mine

but here I am finally viewing with "real eyes".......


Can you feel it in your own soul?

Are you focused on your life goal?

The nature and purpose behind your being

is it with your inner eye that you are seeing?


If not yet then try..

Close your eyes and see..

Feel what you are

and then be


Look to the child you were for clues

What did you love? What did you lose?

What did you drop along the way?

What would you happily do every single day?


Attract, focus and then seize

its really that easy....

All you need is passion and a sprinkling

of pure intent

 with a pinch of Joined up thinking.

(c) Sean Holland


So who am I and what do I need....Good questions.. I like you, you're straight to the point!

Im Sean Holland... I am a Performance poet and a writer. 2016 is the year I have finally realised that this is what I was supposed to be doing all along. there is a poem about this, you may have read it.

For now, I am at the end of a month or two's self reflection.. im sure you you have been through something similar in the last few weeks, its new year after all! So this is all about poetry and performance. There are two distinct sides to this project.



I want to start offering a bespoke poem and verse service. Snapshots of memories captured in a unique piece just for you. It could be a gift for any number of special occasions. It could be a piece for a marketing campaign. it could be a piece for an ambitious interior design project where the poem will be painted on a wall.. Thats for you to decide. I will create anything from one verse to a longer prose piece. This will be the commercial aspect of the project.


I have an ambitious but totally achievable goal to expand my performance poetry beyond open mics and occasional slams into a fully produced hour long show which will include not only spoken word.... I dont want to say any more than that at the moment.. but to achieve this I have a lot of catching up to do. I need to put together a website, a set of three professionally produced videos, develop the ideas and workshop them with a professional and experienced stage producer/director. In addition to this I have 35 poems that are ready to be sifted edited and compiled for two seperate publication projects.

To get this ball rolling I need to raise a minimum of £950.00 this will cover website, design, Video production, editing and performance skills training. Any over funding will go towards publication of my first collection "Joined Up Thinking"

I am very serious about this, perhaps more serious about it than anything I have tried before. I have relevant skill sets that can transfer into this projectI will use the skills that I have learned throughout my life to raise funds via the rewards listed.. I would be honoured if you chose to be a part of this process...






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