Join The Team 2018

Support and develop talented female cyclists whilst building a support network that is part of the team

We did it!

On 5th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £2,340 with 31 supporters in 28 days

Storey Racing is an elite women’s cycling team and sister team to the Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club. The connection between the two teams allows the club riders closer access to the elite riders who race all over the U.K. and further afield.

Join The Team is a campaign to bring more members to the Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club and help to raise funds for the women racing at the elite level.

Additionally the Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club is a development opportunity for female cyclists of all ages, with upcoming riders having support and assistance from Storey Racing.

Money raised from this campaign will be spent on furthering the opportunities of the elite riders and providing additional services over and above that provided by sponsorship. Depending on the amount raised the team may be able to provide training camp time where riders can fully focus on race preparation, additional overseas race opportunities that require significant finance in order to make happen or pay for additional race route preparation time ahead of key calendar events. 

All donors can choose to become members of the Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club and larger donations will have their name displayed on the Motorhome used by the team. For those looking for greater access there’s a  limited number of “Ride Out” options where you would join the team for a race course recce.

Women’s cycling is growing but there remains huge challenges and in particular to smaller teams. Race costs continue to rise with each race day in the U.K. costing the team as much as £1000 (once entry fees, team vehicles, accommodation & food are factored in) & each overseas event costing anything from £3000 in Europe to £20000 further afield, with accommodation and travel being significant depending on the location. Through the autumn and winter season the Cyclocross scene is predominantly in Europe adding further to race costs.

Set up to provide British women with a British based team focusing on rider experience and development, the team batted above their average in 2017 securing podium results in almost every race entered and making their mark in international races as best amateur team. 

Owned and run by Sarah and Barney Storey, the couple are keen to put back in to their sport and give opportunities to talented riders. Included in their 2018 roster is Trike specialist, Hannah Dines, the first para-cyclist from the Trike division to be part of an UCI women’s road team. Registered as a UCI team  in 2018 to enable more race opportunities, the team is known for its friendly, rider-centred environment and supportive approach.

Donating today will not just see you joining the super-friendly Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club but will also ensure you are closely linked to the Storey Racing team’s success of the forthcoming year. What better way to follow this exciting sport than with your name displayed on the Motorhome and the chance to be pictured with the team alongside it at an event.

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