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by Big Brother Watch in London, England, United Kingdom


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Big Brother Watch is crowdfunding for our campaign, and when necessary a legal challenge, to stop divisive & discriminatory COVID passports.

by Big Brother Watch in London, England, United Kingdom

The Government is creeping out Covid passes, now!

Thank you so much to all of you who are building this fighting fund with us to stop Covid passes!

The Government says it has pushed back it's decision on Covid passes to mid-June - but this looks like mere choreography.

Because it seems that the Government has already decided that regardless of what the public think, and regardless of the massive rebellion growing in parliament - they're going for domestic Covid passes.

The NHS app has been changed and the Covid vaccination status feature is now *live* - supposedly, just for international travel. 

But we've been examining the privacy policy - and the devil is in the detail. It says "this data will be useful for further aspects of unlocking as they arise, e.g. (..) attendance at domestic events". 

It even says the vaccine passes will be used after restrictions are lifted, "both during and after the Government roadmap allows citizens to emerge from the restrictions".

The Government cannot sideline the public and parliament like this. 

Covid passes present some of the biggest civil liberties, human rights and constitutional issues of any proposal of this Government. 

The only sensible way to open events is to open them to *everyone* - not just people with the right documents. 

These internal health passports are a recipe for division and discrimination. We say NO to a two-tier, checkpoint Britain.

At this moment, an incredible 2,768 of us are building this campaign to stop Covid passes - but we know thousands more are ready to stand with us. So please share this info and this campaign far and wide. 

The bigger the fight we can build, the greater chance we have of winning - and we must win!

Thank you


Director of Big Brother Watch 


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