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by Big Brother Watch in London, England, United Kingdom


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Big Brother Watch is crowdfunding for our campaign, and when necessary a legal challenge, to stop divisive & discriminatory COVID passports.

by Big Brother Watch in London, England, United Kingdom

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Vicki Heilbuth-Hall 1st August 2021

After nearly 18 months of watching this country walking blindly to its own downfall, I've run out of words, but not tears....please keep on to the very end, no matter what it takes.

Stephen Sawyer 31st July 2021

I’m still shocked that the current conservative government is trying to suggest such horrendous measures. It’s against British civil liberties and against conservative thinking. It’s truly an utter disgrace and must be stopped.

Philip Denyer 31st July 2021

These Covid-19 Passports MUST BE STOPPED. There is no medical justification for them, they are discriminatory and the thin end of the wedge!!

derek hornby 30th July 2021

the fact that parliamentarians are exempt from covid passes really should be the argument as we are all supposedly under one law of the land,and if that ruling for said mp's should be overturned a demand of proof should be placed on mp's of vaccination,cant trust them not to lie

merl.porter.7 30th July 2021

Thanks for taking a stand for human rights against this wave of hysteria and division. Hopefully you never actually have to take it to court and sense is seen first, but just in case, I am supporting you.

Sam Coburn 30th July 2021

100% behind this. This must be stopped at all costs. Please carry on the tremendous work to protect current and future freedoms. God bless you all.

Martin Crawley 30th July 2021

The right not to have a medical procedure is a fundamental human right. Therefore a person should not have their liberty restricted as a result of that choice.

Bob Billington 30th July 2021

Pleased to support this. It is critical that this governments illegal rule through statutory instruments mandating poeple to take experiental medication is challenged in the Courts. we have an Executive out of control.

Karim El-Ayoubi 30th July 2021

Informed consent must be protected. Children must be protected. Our future must be protected. Covid passes mean relegating certain people to 2nd class citizens, this is totally unacceptable.

Luke Roddis 30th July 2021

Double vaxxed and against vaccine passports. Would be the biggest increase to mass surveillance and collection of data ever seen by our country. Terrible road to go down and massive breach of all human liberty.

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