Join me for the computer science masters at Oxford

by in Istanbul

Join me for the computer science masters at Oxford
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I became who I am when I faced challenges and started believing in myself.

by in Istanbul

Join me for the computer science masters at Oxford. 

I became who I am when I faced challenges and started believing in myself.

From a little child who was causing computer crashes almost every week because of her curiosity to learn, to a grown-up girl who got accepted to MSc in Computer Science at Oxford University. 

As a child, all I wanted was to install and run a game - like every kid - by either just using a CD or entering a code on Windows Terminal. 

Every time my dad carried the heavy case of my computer, I waited for it to be repaired at least one week. It wasn’t fun for me because of the wait time and I felt I failed. I decided to keep trying. 

    |Theme Hospital - The first game I used Windows Terminal to run|

When I was in high school, a guest speaker mentioned how time and energy were crucial for the world to proceed as it was. It was an important point for me because he left me with thoughts. 

At age 18, I made my degree choice based on this eagerness, which is to improve the world as much as I can. I chose to become an Industrial Engineer(IE) to increase the efficiency of systems or companies. 

I was one of the few students to study IE with a full scholarship in one of the best colleges in Turkey. 

 |Me as a freshman|

As an IE, even though I was ready to work on companies, I noticed that I needed to gain real-world perspective. Second year, I applied for the double major with Economics. 

I met my boyfriend and my life again started changing. He encouraged me to go beyond my thoughts and try what I have in mind. 

The first challenge was to study-abroad one year in America as an exchange student. At first, it was really scary to be far from my family and adopt to the culture and people, but it got easier after meeting with people and getting help from my teachers.

My biggest fear was to make a presentation in front of people I did not know. The teacher divided the class in groups and made us perform an interview in the class. I volunteered and took the advantage to be the interviewee. I was shaking prior to the performance. The teacher told to the class that I was really prepared and I did a great job. He pointed out to our performance as the best. 

|Skydiving experience - Sky is really the limit|

Upon coming back to Turkey, I wanted to use my skills on guiding companies where they need help. I was offered a part-time internship by a global consulting firm during my senior year. 

For months, I went back and forth between the company and college. The internship ensured a full-time job after the graduation. 

In most of the projects, I was responsible for the analysis and preparation of company financials and offer market research, business valuation, and M&A strategy to find the optimal partners whilst solving their problems. 

One day when I was at work doing my job using Excel and Powerpoint, I wanted to take a next step. I was passionate about understanding the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of computers, which will help solve more complex problems that will reach and influence more people.

While working, I started taking online courses in data structures and algorithms using python, and web development. I even built my own primitive search engine. Creating was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. 

My friend who is an associate professor of computer science tutored me about the fundamentals of computer science and gave me assignments to excel at them. I worked too hard every day to learn the subjects and put too much effort to be good at coding. 

|My family|

I decided to apply for MSc Computer Science, especially in the field of machine learning because my desire is to solve complex problems, which will accelerate what people do or make peoples’ lives easier.

This program is a milestone for my career. I would like to integrate my all mathematics based skills and real-life experiences with computers.

I applied to Oxford University, Imperial College London, Edinburgh University, and UCL in the UK. It was incredible that I was accepted to all universities. Among these schools, Oxford was a dream for me. Now, I got one step closer to my dream.

|All time supporter|

Next step is to fund my degree. Even though I tried to get scholarships or grants, I couldn’t. I wanted to get a student loan in the UK but it is impossible for an overseas student from Turkey to be eligible. 

Alternatively, I thought applying to intermediary companies for a loan, but I need to show a UK resident guarantor, which is not possible for me.

Addition to the amount I’ve saved and my family’s savings, I wanted to raise this project to support myself because the exchange rate of GBP to my country’s currency is around 4.65. It will cost way more than the total amount on the table. I hope I can have the chance to complete the remaining.

I appreciate for any donation you would like to contribute and I am pledging to offer rewards for your help. Thank you very much for taking time to read my story and joining me on my new journey!


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