Johns Wood Pellet Cat Litter

by Mike Law in Llandudno, Wales, United Kingdom

Johns Wood Pellet Cat Litter
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The project aims to collect single use wooden pallets and process them in to a wood pellet cat litter targeted at the domestic market.

by Mike Law in Llandudno, Wales, United Kingdom

There are many types of cat litter available for the public to purchase.

90 % of these cat litters are derived from minerals that are mined out of the ground. This is a finite resource which takes a fantastic amount of energy and is often transported halfway around the world to get to your home.

wood pellet cat litter represents about 10 % of the market, but this derived  from sustainable resources.

Waste, untreated wood is a by-product from a myriad of businesses from cabinet makers to fence post manufacturers.

Instead of wasting this valuable product I will manufacture my own brand of wood pellet cat litter,  which

I aim to market to two distinct groups, The domestic market and the retail market.

I aim to eliminate packaging for the litter I deliver directly to the home by always refilling the original container delivered, with loose litter.

I aim to convert as many small independent retail convenience stores to stock my litter instead of the non-environmentally friendly types


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

contribution repayment @£25 repayable 06/01/2020 or 12 months after contribution

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