Help Johnny & Lewes Greens to take on the Tories

by Anthony, Green campaign manager in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 8th December 2019 we successfully raised £2,000 with 46 supporters in 28 days

Johnny Denis and Green councillors are building momentum in traditional Tory areas in Lewes! Help raise £12k for this election - and beyond

by Anthony, Green campaign manager in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

So the election has finally arrived: 12 December is the date.

Johnny Denis has been at the forefront of a growing grassroots campaign in Lewes for the past few years. We need to run a really strong election campaign to keep up the pace, and to do that, we need a few things. One of them is money. About £12,000. No problem, eh?

Hang on... what about keeping the Tories out?

Of course many people are desperately concerned about the prospect of Maria Caulfield getting re-elected - us included! 

So we're taking the fight to the Conservatives: focusing on Maria Caulfield's weakening base of support.

We've been going out to the Tory-voting areas, where people simply won't vote for Labour or the 'Stop Brexit' LibDems, but are desperate for an alternative to Boris Johnson and his shambolic government.

 An honest, decent, hardworking local politician like Johnny Denis is starting conversations with households who haven't voted in years, and regular voters who are feeling politically homeless as the traditional old parties turn themselves inside out over Brexit.

This strategy will take us through this election, through local council elections and onward from this General Election to the next one... whenever that may be. We need your help to see it through.

More and more people are voting Green in Lewes

The good news is: the votes are out there! In the local elections in May, we didn't just win 9 seats on the District Council (see photo above, at the election count!) We actually won more votes overall than the Conservatives, across the whole district of Lewes.

But we will not win - this time or ever - without persuading people to switch from Conservative to Green. 

By accumulating support in areas where we're not usually active, Johnny Denis and Lewes District Greens are changing the narrative about what's possible for the Green Party.  

Our foot work - knocking on doors, talking to people - is reaching parts of the district that other parties like the LibDems and Labour cannot reach.  A tipping point is coming.

We know that a General Election is different to a local election. But we also know we can make a big difference, quickly, when we can persuade enough people to vote Green, and get Greens into power.  

Now is the time to chip away at the Conservative vote. Tory supporters are sick of cronyism and privilege, backhanders and lies.  

From our doorstep conversations, we know that many people are not dyed-in-the-wool Conservative loyalists: most people want their MP to be an authentic, hard-working person who understands local needs - and if he's from the Green Party, so be it. 

Our candidate, Johnny Denis

Johnny is the Green parliamentary candidate for the Lewes constituency.  He's lived in and around Lewes for 40+ years, and has spent most of those years serving the community: he's set up and run a list of social enterprises and not-for-profit companies as long as your arm - Furniture Now! and the rest of the Now! charities group, Lewes Town Partnership, Common Cause cooperative (that runs Lewes farmers market), housing co-ops, a heating fuel co-op for rural residents... he's a district councillor for Ouse Valley and Ringmer, member of the District Council cabinet, parish councillor for both Ringmer and Glynde & Beddingham Parish Councils. 

He's proved he can appeal to rural Tory voters as well as longterm Green fans in Lewes. If anyone can bridge the divide between the blue and the green/yellow parts of the constituency, he can.

£12,000 is a not a lot of money: what will we spend it on?

To take the Green Party in the Lewes area to the next level by running a strong general election campaign this year, we need a jump-start fund.

With £12k we could employ a temporary campaign organiser-slash-administrator to coordinate all our volunteers across different areas.

We can acquire a dedicated campaign base so that volunteers have easy access to documents, resources and printers.

We can buy social media ads and an effective online campaign, which is becoming more and more important in elections, especially when the Green Party can’t rely on a lot of exposure in the national media.

Our grassroots youth activists, your time in canvassing, delivering and posting, and your help in spreading the word also has value, so please contact us directly if you want to pitch in as well as chip in.

Your money could make a huge, historic difference

Look at the difference just ONE Green MP has made. 

Caroline Lucas is admired all over the country for being a voice of reason and sanity in British politics. She's a towering figure on the political scene, and also a brilliant, caring and tireless constituency MP. 

Now imagine what’s possible with a #GreenWave of MPs, putting social justice at the heart of solving the Brexit crisis in the UK, and the climate crisis worldwide.

We’ve had some big successes recently, and we know that when people hear our message, they like it and they vote for it. If we have the financial resources to keep up with the big wealthy parties and make sure our message gets heard, we can keep winning.

So please, donate what you can, so that Johnny and our team can carry on taking that Green message to people who have been let down by the same old parties and politics, too many times. We're working our socks off for serious action on the climate emergency, and a fairer society here in Britain, and we need your support.

A quick note on legal stuff for political donations

Please ensure that you are on the electoral register as this is a requirement for donating to a political party - register to vote here. If you would like to pledge £500 or more then we will need your personal contact details and address, another requirement for political parties. Please contact


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Buy some 'airtime' for a social media ad

Donate twenty quid, and we can pay to boost a Facebook post on Johnny's page to make sure more people see it. We can reach several thousand more people this way

£50 or more

Buy 2000 'calling cards' for door-knocking

Fifty quid will pay for just over 2000 'sorry we missed you' postcards that we use when door-knocking to let people know that Johnny and the team have taken the trouble to come round. Even if they're not home, people will see that we're prepared to seek them out and listen to their views

£100 or more

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Buy enough paper 10,000 leaflets!

With the risograph printer we bought after our last Crowdfunder, we can print our own leaflets in a cheaper, greener way. A hundred pounds will pay for a run of 10,000 leaflets in for delivery in Conservative strongholds!

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