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Cardiff Energy Supply Limited - An energy supplier with a difference. EXCLUSIVE OFFER ... Cost price gas, shares gift and charity donation.

We did it!

On 27th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £2,500 with 4 supporters in 35 days

Cardiff Energy Supply Limited - An energy supplier with a different view.

Benefits of supporting Cardiff Energy Supply 

  • £5 for charity + 5% per year.
  • Cost price gas. 
  • Shares.
  • Help growing a company that puts the people first.  

The company was formed in May 2014 and following a substantial setup time the first sales were made in October 2015.

We are the only active energy supplier in South Wales but we supply any domestic property in the UK. We rose from inequalities found in the energy sector. Fed up with high prices, unfair standard tariffs and the billions of pounds overpaid by UK consumers, we took a stand and created CESL. 

We specialise in low cost gas. Our Prepayment tariff has been the lowest price in the UK since March 2016. Why? because this is where energy suppliers take advantage of consumers. Both on the prepayment and standard tariffs. 

UK consumers are becoming more accustomed to switching provider each year. In 2016  the industry seen 400,000 monthly switches. 

“In 2016, independent suppliers gained 1.1m net customers from larger suppliers. For the January to July ­period this year, a net 812,982 customers have already switched to independents." 

2017 is looking to be even higher - so get involved and help us shake up the energy industry. 

Large suppliers are getting worried, why? Their scared, scared someone is going to treat their customer like they should be! Cardiff Energy Supply has a number of policies like our "supply switch guarantee". These were created  from a customer point of view. 

So how are we different? 

  • We offer the cheapest fixed prepayment tariff in the UK!
  • We where one of the first suppliers to make our standard tariff is the same price as our fixed!
  • We do not charge ANY exit fees!

 We aim to gain 20,000 customers by the end of 2018. This would give us a turnover of £8,400,000 based on our past profit rate we expect a profit of £756,000 before overheads. 

To receive the cost price gas offer, you must either be or become a Cardiff Energy Supply customer. 

The share capital will remain with Cardiff Energy Supply for 3 years and any profit share will be paid annually. 

Customers using more than 72,000 kwhs are excluded from the "cost price gas" added bonus due to higher transportation costs. 

Equity available is equal to 10%. 

Maximum shares available to one individual is 5000 x £1.00 = £5000.00 

We are willing to put in the work to bring our lowest prices to the UK!

We will be employing more staff to handle the workload we would generate with this. If the prices become even lower, more customers will join Cardiff Energy Supply meaning growth!

 Pledge with us and receive COST PRICE GAS! No supplier will be able to offer the prices you will be paying. Invest in your future!

We are about consumers and we want to help the vulnerable! 

 Visit our site -  

 Cost price gas - The gas discount is on the gas portion of the tariff only and equates to 9.23%

This amounts to a total 5% discount on our current fixed rate of 0.0265p per kwh for direct debit payers. The standing charge would equal 19.05p per day. VAT of 5% is added to the total. 

 The "cost price gas offer" is capped at 31,000 kwh 

 Your pledge will help us negotiate better deals on your energy and help keep the prices the cheapest! 

Shares, cost price gas and for every £100 pledged £5 will go to one of three charities (the choice is yours). 

1)  Noah's Ark - Childrens Hospital.  This children's charity has had some famous friends over the years. Shirley Bassey, David Hasselhoff, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Charlotte Church and the Osmonds all applauding the amazing work that they do. 

2) Heart Research UK -   In the last 10 years the charity has funded groundbreaking research projects worth £12.6million in hospitals and universities across the UK, helping to develop new treatments and procedures that help heart patients across the country. 

3) Latch - Welsh children's cancer charity. - LATCH relies entirely on the generous donations and fundraising activities of volunteers, with no paid fundraisers, and we’re very proud to have one of the smallest administration costs, proportionately, of any UK based charity.

The cost price gas is a "gift" or added bonus. The main part of the campaign is shares in the company. 

 With any investment there is a risk. On the other hand suppliers have previously seen enormous growth quite quickly. There is a possibility of your invested amount increasing or decreasing depending on company success. 

- Please state which charity when pledging. 





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