John Candy - Searching for Candy

by traceymorgan in Shrewsbury

John Candy - Searching for Candy
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I am writing a biography about John Candy. I am publishing at the end of the year and would love to have hard copies as well as the e book.

by traceymorgan in Shrewsbury

I am writing a biography about John Candy, I am publishing at the end of the year and would love to do hard copies as well as the e book. I have been told by the UK publishing industry that John's life is not scandalous enough and no one will want to read about him. His life wasn't scandalous but he was magical and has a heartwarming story that will make you want to be a better person. 


I have been working on this book over the last four years. I have interviewed many people that were connected with John, work colleagues, old friends and those that have had chance encounters.

These include;

Jonathan O'Mara Ken  Tipton Scott Edgecombe Marty Weil Lisa Soland Valri Bromfield Dave Thomas Sheldon Patinkin (RIP) Colleen Callaghan Martyn Burke Lorne Frohman Catherine McCartney Bruce Appleby Trish Tervitt Jim Henshaw Monica Parker Jane Tattersall Allan O'Marra Bruce McNall Lonette McKee Alexandra Bastedo (RIP) Malik Yoba Rawle D Lewis Karen Austin Jay Underwood Gary Le Drew Donna Meyer Carl Reiner Eddie Koroso Tommy Swerdlow Kevin Pollak Mel Brooks Peter Kaminsky Charles Northcote Leon Robinson Rick Lazzarini Conrad Dunn Mariel Hemmingway Mark Jennings Louisa Jean Kelly Greg Agalsoff Tony Rosato Martin Ferrero Steve Railsback Jon Turteltaub Jill Jacobson Larry Hankin Brian Cooper Ken Levine Howard Deutch Walter Olkewicz Marie Ferraro Ribaldo  Patty Ferraro Joe Kroger Nina Keogh Leo Crotty John Stocker Juul Haalmeyer

Bruce McKenna

Rob Salem

It may not be scandalous but this book is about a wonderful man who I have found was everything I wanted him to be and more.

Thanks for reading x

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