Joey's Cocktails

Joey's Cocktails

To help fund the launch of Joey's Cocktails & To keep making refreshing Cocktails.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

                            Joey's  Cocktails


With your help it would make a sideline hobby into a business with a passion for spirits & cocktails

 Project Aim 

  • To help fund the launch & expansion of Joey's  Cocktails 
  • To create even more addictive refreshing  bottled & Jar Cocktails!
  • Distributing the cocktails
  • Help Donate to soldiers off the street 

A bit of Background

Joey's Cocktails is a 1 man operation in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. It is run by me, Joe Crowley and I am a local self employed Landscaper / Head Gardener but I produce a range of exciting and refreshing Cocktails for everyone's taste buds when I'm not working.

For someone that loves a good cocktail, the rewards will be well worth it.

Alcoholic Cocktails made to order / Postage & packaging included in the prices 

  • loads to choose from in the Rewards section and I am always making new Cocktails to add to the list
  • One 750ml bottle serves 5-6 drinks!
  • 75ml bottles serves 1-2 drinks!

All you need to do is add Ice! 

      All Cocktails are made & bottled in Swing top Glass bottles on the day it is to be despatched for longer freshness

     We also do Jam jar cocktails




Enjoy in a bar, club, park, at the beach or at home ( to name a few ) - my cocktails are smooth & ready to drink anywhere, anytime.

No hassle, no wait - shake it up & enjoy straight from the bottle or Jar - leaving you with more time for great times.

      HEART & SOUL

Created with a passionate respect for cocktail heritage, our recipes are meticulously mixed & refined for balance & flavour.

I've worked extra hard to make my cocktails only 110 calories per Jar / bottle - we've even added milk thistle for a happier body to our Jar cocktails!

Bottled cocktails have been catching on steadily in recent years across the bartending universe, in tandem with a surge of mixed drinks aged in barrels. The trend is even finding its way to home bars.




* Disclaimer

A cocktail a day probably doesn't keep the doctor away. However, I have it on good authority that there is some evidence that 1-2 units of alcohol per day reduces cardiovascular risk; reduces blood pressure; improves cholesterol profiles; and in type 2 diabetes actually improves glycaemic control.