Help Joel's ambition for the Commonwealth games and beyond

To get me to the next level in my swimming career by helping me cover some of the funding cut from the Lottery.

We did it!

On 10th Feb 2014 we successfully raised £1,761 of £1,000 target with 28 supporters in 35 days

Hello everyone, I am so over the moon to have reached my target, but you can still make a difference! The £1000 target was to increase the likelihood of being backed, for me to get through a full year it is likely to cost between 2 and £3000. 

Any money that I receive over 2,000 I'm looking to give 50% to Swim For Leukaemia (twitter - @swim4lukaemia), a charity of a friend of mine and I hope to give the charity a helping hand and increase their profile. 

The extra extra money will allow me to go to more competitions and therefore increase race practice and enter European tours like Mare Mostrum, allowing me to compete and test myself against top level international athletes! 

About me:

                       me swimming

I am an 18 year old full-time swimmer who is training with intent for selection to the 2014 Commonwealth Games and, hopefully, on to Rio 2016 Olympics. I am writing to ask if you would be kind enough to support me in my swimming endeavours over the coming year.

Why am I crowdfunding?

The reason I am doing crowdfunding is because unfortunately lottery funding to my sport has been cut in quite a big way and they are only able to fund a limited amount of people and unfortunately I am on the cusp of that list but I don't quite make it and nearly ended my career on the spot, as although I love the sport I wasn't sure if I would be able to afford to keep myself afloat financially! Therefore I am asking for any donations you could give which would be able to support me going forwards. 

 me and the olympic torch

My achievements thus far:

So far in my career I have won 5 national age group gold medals, come 5th at the London Olympic trials and have been consistently within the top 8 in Europe at u18 level in 2012 and 2013. In 2011, I won the European Youth Olympics over 1500m in a record time and broke the British record for my age by 16 seconds (this then led me to being a part of the Olympic torch relay 2012 by bearing a torch). I have also broken 2 other British records, earlier in 2011 and the next age group up in 2012. I have had to overcome a number of challenges in the past two years; managing A- level studies coupled with an intensive training program (up to 26 hours of training, amassing between 50 and 80 kilometres a week) and the relevant trials and tribulations of being an athlete (illness, injury and being diagnosed as becoming partially deaf through over exposure to chlorine).

 me and my national medals from the 2010 nationals        team gb photo    bg swimstars photoshoot

What now?

Having now finished school, I am capitalising on the extra time I have to develop physically and personally. My full-time training regime doesn't leave much time for possible employment as well as the extra energy expended. Not withstanding, I assist my father in paid work on a sporadic occasion. Unfortunately, the recent funding cuts for swimming have had an adverse effect for me and as with all sports at the top level, there are quite a lot of expenses involved and my parents aren't able to cover these costs as a result of their personal circumstance. Things like competition travel, accommodation, supplements and travel to and from training accrue to an average of £200pcm (circa £2000pa). If there was any way that you could support me towards my goals and aspirations, I would be greatly appreciative. 

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