Jock Memorial Picture

by Cathy Freeman in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Jock Memorial Picture
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To fund a commissioned picture of Jock for Liz and Lisa and celebrate a doggy life well lived.

by Cathy Freeman in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Liz and Lisa had a "fur baby" called Jock who was a fabulously grumpy old mutt who seemed to be invincible and it looked like, against all the odds, he might live forever. He survived many scrapes, trips to the vets and about a year or so of being quite frail and demented, pushed round in a little trolley by his loving mums. Jock very sadly came to the end of the road. Now poor Liz and Lisa are grieving for their lovely old mutt and I feel very sad for them.

At the same time I am aware of this well known artist Chris Wright, who does fantastic commissioned pictures of dogs alongside doing great works of wildlife art to raise money for the Born Free foundation. 

I would love to see Chris do a picture of Jock for Liz and Lisa. I think that it would give Jock's beautiful face the loving attention that it deserves (albeit post mortem). It would also give Liz and Lisa a picture to look on when they think of Jock and all the fun they had together.

Chris would charge £695 to do a framed 40x50cm drawing of Jock. On the left is an example of one of his commissioned drawings of dogs. If you look on his website you'll see why it is that much and you might wonder why it isn't more expensive. 

Unfortunately, I haven't won any sort of lottery and I am perpetually broke so I can't afford to make this dream come true on my own. What I reckon though is this: Liz and Lisa are well loved by lots of people and so was Jock. Hopefully there's enough general goodwill and interest in my idea to make this work. If not then I can't do it so I am going to crowdfund this as an "all or nothing" fundraiser. This means that it either works, we reach the target and we commission the picture or it doesn't and I don't take your money. The site will charge 8% on what I raise so I reckon I need to go a bit over - say £750.

I hope you feel like getting behind this project and donating some of your hard earned spondoolies to put some smiles on some grieving Jock mums. 

Let's make 'Jock Memorial Picture' happen