Jock memorial - let's try again

by Cathy Freeman in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Jock memorial - let's try again
We did it
On 20th October 2018 we successfully raised £270 with 20 supporters in 14 days

To crowdfund a drawing of Jock for Liz and Lisa who are grieving for their fur baby.

by Cathy Freeman in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

OK you guys... 

So the first attempt at funding this was apparently too expensive for our collective pockets but we are not giving up... Oh No! Jock has yet to be drawn so there is work to do...

We looked at 4 other options on the two facebook groups for Liz's Sue Ryder friends and her choir friends. In the end, the artist Kelly Barnes won the vote. 

She needs a deposit of £33, which is 20% of the total cost of her A3 drawing £165. Then she will draw a picture of Jock. To mount and frame it in a perspex frame costs £45 extra and then to send it to me around the end of November is about £8. Apparently she has moved to Yorkshire so there is no more option to pick up. Below is an example of what it will look like - only with Jock. 

 This is the picture she wants to work from :

In terms of money, Kelly needs £165 + £45 + £8 = £218. I am still choosing to do this "all or nothing" because I don't want the problem of having to deal with donations if I can't commission the picture with the money I have. Now if we get the amount, this site will deduct 5% + VAT and there are also costs involved in processing each pledge. I think we should try for £250 to cover these costs and if I end up with any left over I will buy some pretty ribbons or a card or something. 

I'm afraid anyone who generously donated to the idea last time would need to donate again if they still wanted to, because my last funder failed and therefore, as an "all or nothing" funder, it didn't take any money. 

Please please please will you pledge some money so we can present Liz and Lisa with a lovely picture of Jock before Xmas.

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