Job Jobbed

Job Jobbed is an app that helps people to get their 'to do list' tasks done while simultaneously providing local businesses with real leads.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful





The Problem

Time. That age old problem that we never have enough of it. Unfortuantely I am not going to tell you that I have found a way to slow time, but I do believe that Job Jobbed will help to make better use of our time and help us to get things done that would otherwise remain on our 'to do list' forever.

The Old Solution

From good old fashioned pen and paper to the modern to do list app - lot's of us (millions in fact) love a list. Lists help us keep track of what we need to do, when we need to do it and who to apologise to because we didn't do it soon enough. But...they all have one big failing in common in-so-much as they simply help us to remember, they don't actually help us to get stuff done!

The Social Solution (a good attempt)

So by now we are all familiar with Facebook and let's face it folks it certainly has it's benefits regarless of whether you are a fan of it or not. But do you find that it has become a bit of a overload of information? Nowadays we use it for all sorts of things like asking for recomendations. "Can anyone recommend a good this?" or "does anyone know someone who can do that?".

Now don't get me wrong recommedations are great but...

  • I certainly don't have the time to message each person that is recommended to me, I would prefer someone just contact me.
  • I don't necessarily want everyone else to know what I am doing or what I am looking for.
  • I don't always need a recomendation for "an amazing plumber", I just want a plumber!

Ultimately Facebook and other social network sites are fantastic for some things but not others. When I am looking for someone to help me with a job or task Facebook just seems like adding more complexity and hassle.

The Search Engine Solution (so close)

So, we have established that we have a list of things we need to do (our to do list) but we don't fancy splashing it all over Facebook. Now we could just go on to Google and search for what we need but...

  • Do we really have the time to search online? This can be quite time consuming, especially if it's an obscure search. 
  • If we do decide to spend some time searching then there is a good chance we are going to be presented with such a variety of sites to choose from that we might as well have posted something on Facebook asking for a recomendations ;-)

But joking aside even if we do find a suitable listing on Google experience tells us that we'll probably have to fill in contact forms or send emails if we want someone to contact us.  Yet more of our precious time gone and more waiting!

The Solution (thank goodness)

Job Jobbed is a unique app aimed at two audiences;  proactive people (that's us) and small to medium businesses (we'll cover later).

At it's core Job Jobbed is a to do list but it does so much more than just organise our to do list. Job Jobbed actively encourages us to stop procastinating and actually get our tasks done. As users (we call ourselves consumers) we still list our tasks in the familiar to do list format but we are given the opportunity to mark tasks a public. And that's the clever bit!

By marking a task as public we are effectively asking for assistance from a community of local suppliers who might be able to help us with our task. Within minutes of adding a task to our to do list we can expect to see messages from local suppliers who want to help - now how easy was that!

All's that's left is for us to decide how we'd like to be contacted.  Now we can sit back content in the knowledge that we've done something productive without doing anything more than adding a task to our to do list. 

That's Another Job Jobbed!




The Problem

Every business face unique challenges specific to their industry but we all have one thing in common - we all need or want new customers.

The Old Solution

Ads in newspaper, Yellow Pages, flyers, business cards and notice boards. There have been numerous ways that us businesses owners have attracted new customers over the years and some of these methods are still succesful today. But as with everything in life we need to adapt as new methods are coming along all the time and it's up to us to keep up.

The Social Solution (hit and miss)

The introduction of Facebook and Twitter soon opened up a whole new world of advertising to us business owners. With millions of users glued to their phones daily the potential of our ad being seen is huge. However whilst the audience is unquestionably huge we have to question whether the audience is suitable or receptive?

Think about it like this. Our advert may well be displayed on a social media site and it may even grab the attention of a user long enough for them to click on it, but does that mean that they actually need or want what is being advertised or are they just curious? There is simply no way of knowing and since the cost of advertising is significant can we really justify the outlay for the random audience that interacted?

What is comes down to is that people don't always want ads shoved in their face just because an algorithm thinks they want something. To use an example, just because I watched a funny video of kittens playing the piano it doesn't mean that I want to buy a piano!

The Search Engine Solution (ouch expensive) 

Okay this is the complicated one so bear with it...

Most business owners have heard of SEO (search engine optimisation). This is effectively used to improve where our website appears on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If our site is ranked high for searches that are of interest then the world really is our oyster. However unless our business is very unique our ranking is likely to move up and down continually and we'll still need to contend with our closest competitors taking a share of new customers.

But what about those of us who's businesses aren't ranked high or even ranked at all? Well the answer is simple. We are either going to need to spend some serious time and money to optimise our site or we are going to need to spend a significant sum of money on things like AdWords campaigns.

These campaigns allow our site to appear on the results screen, usually at the top or right of the organic (non-paid) results. In the case of Adwords there is a very real risk that a user (potential customer) may click on our site but decides that wasn't what they were searching for after all. That click has cost us money and that can get very expensive with potentially little reward.

The Solution (Finally)

Job Jobbed is a unique app aimed at two audiences; small to medium businesses (you) and proactive people (mentioned earlier)

Job Jobbed is a to do list app at it's core but it doubles up as a sales lead app for businesses. As a registered business we get access to these public tasks and can choose whether we'd like to help. The app only notifies us of tasks that are of interest to us, this is based on the location of the consumer and the keywords we predefined at registration.

If we decide that we could help we are given the opportunity to send a personalised message to the customer offering assistance. The customer can choose to send us their contact details or reject our message. Either way the customer is at worst made aware of us and maybe even took some time to check out our website.

In the extremely likely event that the customer shares their contact detials we simply take the next step of getting in touch. Even better is that fact that we are safe in the knowledge that the customer is genuinely looking for help and is already prepared for our call - now if that's not a hot lead I don't know what is!

That's Another Job Jobbed!


What's the money being used for?


The app has already been developed and is live but...

Firstly, we need to market it. This is expensive, especially as we need to target two audiences; People and Businesses. We need to get both types of users simultaneously to get the most out of the app - tricky!

Secondly, we really, really want to avoid adding 'in app advertising' as we just don't like it. Unfortuantely without donations this is a route that could be used to generate funds.

Thirdly, we have lot's more development ideas to really make the app stand out. Not only as the must have To Do list app but also as the must have sales lead app.