JMT Race Team

JMT Race Team

We are raising £100k to build and sustain a race team at all levels of circuit racing. From Karting to Formula series. Owned and run by fans

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are looking to raise £100k in total in blocks of £25k. This will give us the opportunity to build each section of the team and cars up steadily to create a continuous team through out all the series. 

We are trying to show the world you don't need to be rich or even start from a young age, you just need determination and a little helping hand. 

The team have all come from poorer childhoods and sadly have spent most of our youth watching racing and not competing, now more than ever we want to show the world that racing is for everyone no matter age, size, gender or background. 

At some point each member of the team has been told that they can't become a good driver based on something other than lap times and talent. One was told he's too tall, the other the wrong shape etc. 

However, one thing we all have in common, incrediblely fast lap times, most quicker than our 'better' competitors. This team is about standing up for ourselves and making a something that is only focused on talent and passion.

All the money that we raise will go into the team and its racing, practice sessions, logistics and expenses. 

If you or anyone you know wants to sponsor us professionally please feel free to get in contact we are more than happy to discuss this. 

This has been a dream of all of us on this team to race in the Championships and more so to prove that you don't to be rich to race just need a community of supporters that love the sport.

So please help us in raising this money and show the world the racing is for everyone and you never know, our drivers are very talented. Given the opportunity you could one day have a stake in us as an F1 team!!