To support and expand my existing business

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The aim of this project is to seek help in suupporting and expanding my recent business venture.

My name is Josh and im a 24 year old male from Maidstone Kent, I have recently taken the plunge into the self employed world and set up my own business. I decided to go self employed after having many years as an employee and as a result of an accident at work back in 2013 and a complete lack of loyalty from my employer i was left out of work and medically unfit for work.  After a few years of rehabilitation i finally reached a point where i was ready to return to work but my faith and trust in employment had truely been broken, so this was my motivation to start up my own company and acheive more than those before me.

JLB Tyres LTD is a company which i encorperated earlier in 2016. We have been trading since the start of 2017 and are attempting  to expand  by adding aditional equipment to our mobile fitting unit. We are a tyre supplier based in Maidstone and we have a fully equipped mobile fitting unit so we can offer a supply and fit service at a time and place of the customers choice 7 days a week. 

We can supply and fit an extensive range of tyres for a variety of vehicles including private cars, light commercial, trailer and agricultural vehicles with the main aim to specialise in motorcycles.

This equipment will allow us to succeed with our intentions to specialise in mobile supply and fitting of motorcycle tyre's. I have grown up in a riding enviroment and been involved around motorcycles due to being from a family of riders. We have noticed a gap in the market and there being a lack of mobile tyre support for motorcylce riders.

This project will allow us as a business to purchase specialist equipment and expand the services that we can provide to our customers. The funding would make a huge impact on my company in allowing us to expand and furthermore to succeed as business and reach our goals.

I would like to thank anyone in advance for there donations and would just like to emphasise on what a huge posotive impact it would have to my business and more so to me personally and i hope that in the future i have the ability to in some what way return the favour.