Jimmy Carr to Run 34 Marathons in 17 days

Project by Claire Ray
Jimmy Carr  to Run 34 Marathons in 17 days

I recently lost a dear friend following her heroic 8-year battle with breast cancer. I will be running 860 miles over 17 days for her...

We did it!

On 27th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £3,226 with 117 supporters in 56 days

Running from John O'Groats to Land's End for Laura

I recently lost a dear friend, Laura Weatherall-Plane, following her heroic 8-year battle with cancer. Throughout her battle with this cruel disease she tirelessly campaigned to raise awareness and funds (£70,000 no less) for the charity CoppaFeel! which reminds young people to check their boobs so that an early diagnosis can save lives, something which was sadly too late for Laura.

You might have heard about Lauras’s story as it has been making international headlines lately; in a swansong to his late wife, my best friend Jon Plane started an online campaign to get the Foo Fighters to dedicate the song ‘Everlong’ (which was their wedding song) to Laura when they headlined Glastonbury. This seemingly impossible mission was helped by 22million retweets (and counting!) of the hashtag “#EverlongforLWP”, and it completely blew us all away when Dave Grohl actually did it!! Laura’s story and the determination and love of her husband Jon has won the hearts of the global press and this campaign has resulted in coverage all over the place - BBC Radio 5 Live (2.6million views), BBC News, an interview with Dave Grohl himself on Canadian TV, Glamour Magazine, NME magazine, ITV News, The Guardian, The Indian Times and so many more publications and websites…

The Ultimate Challenge

It was during Laura's relentless fundraising efforts that I was first badgered into running the Plymouth Half Marathon in April 2014, something I never thought I’d do. Laura had a way of encouraging people to take up running for sponsorship (usually wearing a giant inflatable boob!), and because of her I’ve now completed numerous half marathons and a handful of full marathons (including the Paris Marathon this year) for Coppafeel!

Running has got into my blood almost as much as Laura got into the blood of everyone who met her, and so in April 2018 I plan to push that to the extreme by undertaking an extraordinary challenge. Running the length of the UK from John O’Groats to Land’s End will be a true test of strength and determination. This incredible journey covers 860 miles (1384km) over 17 days which means I'll be running nearly two full marathons (50 miles) each day! I will do this for Laura to continue the legacy she left; spreading the CoppaFeel! message that early detection can save lives.

Please sponsor me if you can to help me continue spreading this most important message and spread awareness of CoppaFeel!; a charity which now Laura is gone is even closer to all our hearts.

I also need to raise £2.5k to enter so if you know of a company who would like to sponsor me please put them in touch. 

Most importantly, please tell all the women (and men) in your life to check their boobs and spread the awareness that early detection of breast cancer can be treated, late detection can’t always be (as Laura tragically found out). Sign up to the reminder service here.

Enormous thanks to you for any help you can be. Wish me luck!

Jimmy x

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