Ethical currency Management with profit sharing.

A future-proof investment plan for the digital generation.

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Embracing the new financial paradigm

  • To most people. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have only recently taken the center stage as mainstream media fans the flames and fuels unprecedented gains in both value and trust in a novel asset existing as a digital key that cannot be duplicated or to create new wealth to plug holes in debt. Security is much greater than sending money electronically since both parties have access to publicly stored confirmations, building trust and removing delays and charges that can hinder older transactions. The scope for using the network in other industries looks to be fueling many high-profile supporters including Bill gates, various market analysts and finally the broader public
  • Most of you have heard of  Bitcoin, yes? 
  • Are you optimistic of its potential?
  • Do you know what it is?
  • It's a digital currency that avoids a list of problems that moving normal currency (fiat) can have.
  • Prices were measured equivalent to spare change 5 years ago, after various cycles of gains, corrections and more gains these units are now over £12000 at the time of editing (14-12-2017) Some analysts called the $2000 mark, then the $6000, $8000 and 10000$ mark. 
  • It turns out they were all correct - the $20000 mark was nearly hit in early December...
  • The genie is well and truly out of the bottle - The last 12 months have seen gains around 2000%!!
  • Im not implying trends will continue but it's the underlying trust and faith that have fuelled this boom in interest and fuelled the growth.
  • My model that I started testing on 1st december has been better than predicted with word of mouth and some social media sharing the enquiries are growing.
  • I broker the currency as a very basic product, sourcing for the busy, the recent adopters and for superior rates my long-standing name has been amongst the community of sellers.
  • For an increased customer benefit, I offer investment in the new currency with a share of profits made from your investment that is used in the sales. Figures are verified before execution to avoid price movements during the stages and locking in my quotes.
  • My business secures the investment, sources you an exact number of bitcoins based on rates on the day which are then topped up with compounding bonuses as long as you want to be in the mutual fund. This number grows in the digital currency.
  • Your funds are protected by 2-factor-authentication requiring added protection to your Bitcoins. You can be sure your new currency is safe with industry-standard privacy measures protecting your details and BTC. This can be provided in a legally binding contract.
  • Your money is not used in market speculation as any market engagement generate profits from resales at a margin by sourcing the best possible rate. Automation is under development giving room for higher returns.
  • A healthy portion of my profits are then shared with registered investors meaning your total Bitcoins you have in holding will be topped up pro-rata. Projected returns suggest returns of several % per month that is compounded. The holdings are topped up in the digital currency so the gains afford a level of protection over future price variations. If you are a seasoned investor it's likely you would not be reading any further as you should already have some Cryptocurrency in your portfolio. If you don't, read on!
  • With my dream, you just sit back and get updates on passive income earned to date that would beat most other other options. ROI is measured in bitcoin so you get a compounded rate.
  • I can not say the market rates will maintain their upward momentum, but for those planning on being involved I believe the profit shares are an improvement on buying, holding and waiting.

    How long should I invest for?:
    This is entirely up to you, the longer the interest compounds for, the faster your coin share can grow through wallet bonuses. If you want to withdraw your coins back into cash just give me adequate notice and you will get a quote for a price per coin for withdrawal that makes you happy. I cannot influence any choice you make as I am not here to persuade or advice, it's an idea whose rewards are looking very competitive and well structured from careful planning and testing with consistent results throughout.
  • I will share some preliminary figures after I can share figures that back the level of rewards predicted so far. If prices rise, your ROI will exceed that from the underlying asset alone.
  • Should prices drop in the future, the growth of your stake in coins gives insurance in the long term which stands to have benefit on both sides as well as piece of mind if you joined us.
  • Monthly figures will be sent out showing your growth to date alongside some cases for comparison. Rewards depend on takings which have so far only relied on fund size and not as much on the price since trades are done using the coins are often for amenities, goods, and services - extending more recently to plane tickets and even property sales - all of which have a value people compare to the dollar, Euro or pounds sterling. The coin volume I move shows movement mostly relating to price stability (volatility) for which compensations are made in my activity to keep returns as stable as possible.
  • Efficiency is improving with new ideas daily so I plan to publish gains to date at the end of the campaign based on creating proof of concept without sharing methodologies.

About me:
I completed a Chemistry Masters degree in 2013 before starting a PhD in mechanical engineering for which I am still involved in, although I am having a few months off to launch this company. I have a very keen interest in the financial markets and if it wasn't from the idea of AI taking up a lot of finance jobs, my plan was to move into quantitative finance in the banking sector after my PhD.

I am keen on computer programming and my intention is to have my model automated, this will increase sales volumes on my end and mean there is a chance of even higher profits being passed on to investors. I encourage anyone with programming expertise to contact me if they want to be more involved. A Nondisclosure Agreement was drafted and will require your agreement to the terms.
 I also get to develop my own IP and use it as I see fit but very creative ideas will be rewarded as I aim to treat all those involved as equal and will make sure I can overdeliver when possible to maintain your feeling of being valued as you deserve.

Any queries, please call or message me and I will respond ASAP.

Don't regret, board the JET. (temp)
  • A small portion of funds will be used to enhance web presence, cover admin duties for accounting, digital security, and contract verification. Most donors will be investing in not just my future and career, but their family’s future and an alternative to traditional currency, banking, trading logistics and a global monetary model built on debt and prone to abuse. I will not respond to requests for financial advice and cannot give 'tips' but will show you reliable information on why popularity has been spreading, who back it's long-term value, and anyone opposing it.
  •  If the campaign is overfunded we can all debate on charitable donations and discuss ways to improve our local communities and public services that are seeing constant funding cuts, some suggestions could be homelessness, addiction, mental health and domestic abuse. The list could go on.
  • I do not offer financial advice and do not aim to persuade investment decisions. I can share my knowledge but will not indulge in persuasive dialogue on how you should use your hard-earned cash.
  •  look forward to an exciting time embracing this new era of digital transactions and how society learns to adapt to more efficient, cheaper payments that avoid the need for an intermediatory and their associated policy and fees.
    Jack Turner


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