Jessica's Doll - A short Dark fantasy style movie

Jessica's Doll -  A short Dark fantasy style movie

Jessica's Doll is an independent short movie, written and directed by Andy Simon. 

We did it!

On 13th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £169 with 13 supporters in 28 days

Jessica's Doll is an independent short movie, written and directed by Andy Simon. 

The film will have a run time of around 10 minutes, with a mix of live action and animatics
Whilst we don't want to give the whole story away...
The story is about a little girl called Jessica who as a child was made an orphan when her parents tragically died in a thunderstorm in the late 1800's. Homeless and lost, with her only possession being her best friend and doll, she ended up in an orphanage util she was 18. Through pure coincidence she walked the streets and stumbled across her old home, sheltering from another storm she hides in a chest in the cellar, only to become trapped as the lid snaps shut. There she cries, screams and draws her last breath...
A century has passed and Jessica awakes, only to have been turned into a porcelain doll! She has no memory of her former life but escapes from the chest after years of rot the lock is now broken. She hears a noise from upstairs, and we are introduced to Lily, who rescues Jessica and helps her regain her memories, and her humanity....
Andy is a internationally published, award winning photographer from the west midlands, and he is also currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design at Walsall College. Part of the reasons behind Jessica's Doll is because Andy wanted to explore moving image and film making, expanding his experience and knowledge as a photographer into something different, something beautiful and new. And so the story was written by Andy and the project was born. 
The project is intended as a Zero Budget movie, none of the cast or crew are getting any kind of financial gain, and are all giving up their time, because they believe in the project and it's potential. 
We have assembled an amazing team for filming. A mix of students, award winning film makers, amazing costume designers and makeup artists and much more. We all believe in this project passionately, which is why we are all doing it for free. 
So why the campaign if it is a zero budget? 
Simply put, and whilst we are begging and borrowing as much as we can do to this for no cost, from sourcing locations, film equipment, editing facilities, lighting and sound, and even the costumes and props. There are still some expenses that we could use some help towards. 
We need to eat! Sad but true, but as starving artists food and drink are essential to living, and they also make for a happy crew! So whilst filming, we can put on a decent spread for everyone involved!
We need to get places! Whilst pretty much everyone involved in the project is based around or near Walsall in the West Midlands. Bar from inventing personal teleporters or borrowing a tardis, we have to be able to get to places. So petrol costs, bus fares etc. will hopefully be covered by the campaign money. 
Consumables and promotion. 
Some of the funding will go towards things like paper and printing costs for promotional posters, paying for all the little but essential things like hair and makeup products, batteries, web hosting and advertising, and of course hiring a venue for the premiere when it is complete! 
So how can you help? 
No matter what happens, if we reach target or not, the film will still be made, complete and ready to Premiere for the end of May 2016, Filming is happening early April, and post production short after, we have a very short time frame for filming, but we believe that we can make it amazing, even in this short space of time. 
Well we have some amazing perks for you, from £1 upwards you can make a difference. We have a range of perks from simple things to a thank you message, to signed prints from the cast and crew, photoshoots, movie posters, credit in the movie and much much more! 
When will we be finished? 
Filming starts mid April with a view to having the finished cut for end of May. There *may* be a longer extended cut at a later date depending on the footage we get. 
All perks will be sent out by June onwards, Digital ones sooner, and shoutout perks within a couple of days! 
Even if you cant afford any of the perks, word of mouth is everything to indie film makers, shout out to the world about us, share the campaign, our facebook page, twitter feed, Hashtag us with #Jessicasdoll #jessicasdollmovie #JDmovie and spread the word! 

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