Jess Phillips for Labour Leader campaign

by Jess Phillips for Labour Leader in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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by Jess Phillips for Labour Leader in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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Tom W 15th January 2020

Vital that truth is spoken to power to repair the economic and social damage that has been done to our country. Jess is the most clear and passionate advocate of the change that is needed.

Diane Dixon 15th January 2020

Jess, you are a beacon of hope after four years of disastrous leadership. I have rejoined Labour as an affiliated supporter to vote for you and Ian Murray. The very best of luck

tony.ohagan 15th January 2020

Can't think of anyone better to help our party learn the lessons of the last election and take the fight to the Tories and win back support. #jesswecan

Clive Smith 15th January 2020

I truly hope you can being the Labour Party together again. I know the county needs the Labour Party to lead agin but it also needs a credible opposition for the next 5 years that will hold the Tories to account and make sure they do not take anything for granted! I wish you all the best Jess, and thank you for standing for leader!

Bob Holloway 14th January 2020

I left the party last year as I could no longer support the leadership. Today I have rejoined so that I can vote and support you and vote for you to become leader of the labour Party

Simon Tarlton 14th January 2020

I have never voted Labour before - I voted Lib Dem at the General Election out of total frustration and anger at the Conservative Party. But just when I though all was lost in our political system up pops Jess - at last someone with honesty, integrity who seems to truly understand the issues confronting the country and to be motivated only by a genuine desire to do good and to improve lives. I couldn't in all honesty ever join the Labour party because of their policy on the Public School system. My son has been the recipient of an amazing education in that system through a generous scholarship and it would be hypocritical of me to join a party that campaigned for the demolition of the same system. However, I truly believe that Jess represents all that can be good about our politics and our country and she deserves every bit of support and encouragement.

kathyt 14th January 2020

Labour needs a charismatic leader if it is ever to win another General Election and I believe that Jess Phillips is the only candidate with any charisma combined with empathy.

richard.olszewski 14th January 2020

I support Jess Phillips for Labour Leader as she will be a complete break with the failed Corbyn years. She is prepared to be bold and ambitious for Labour to win next time, not in 10 years time. There's no better choice.

Marcus Paine 14th January 2020

Hi Jess Whilst I am not a member of any particular political party I am moved on this particular occasion to contribute to your campaign as I sincerely believe in your honesty and integrity. The average voter who is not tethered to any political affiliation is left only to choose the least worst option with what has been on offer over the recent period....and I feel we yearn for someone like you to step forward. As someone who started a business from zero 25 years ago and has steadily and organically grown it to 40 staff with all the difficulty and pain that that has required of us all I find nowhere for us to cast a vote that understands the needs and demands on both the UK SME Business and it's loyal staff.....and so I choose honesty, decent caring honesty and therefore to contribute to you. I wish you the very best of luck in what I can only imagine must be a very tough process. I hope you succeed and can represent all people who do their best whatever their circumstances. Kind regards. Marcus

Jo Miller 14th January 2020

I can’t think of a better person to lead Labour to success than Jess. She not only speaks for the people as ‘one of the people’ but speaks in clear sentences with no hidden agenda. She doesn’t do the traditional question dodging favoured by most politicians, she answers truthfully and is honest about what is achievable if we all pull together and, that’s what we need right now, transparency and dedication. Goooo on Jess, keep doing what you’ve been doing x

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