Jess and Rachel's election campaign 2017

by Jessica Northey in St Helens

Jess and Rachel's election campaign 2017
We did it
On 8th June 2017 we successfully raised £1,210 with 21 supporters in 42 days

To raise funds for deposits and election material for our candidates

by Jessica Northey in St Helens

This week Rachel Parkinson and Jess Northey were selected as the parliamentary candidates for the Green Party for St Helens North and St Helens South and Whiston respectively.

Dear Friends,

Last night we launched a fantastic campaign and already have many volunteers have signed up to deliver leaflets.

Unlike the other parties, we refuse donations from property developers, tax dodgers and media moguls. We will not hold court with oil barons, airlines and construction firms.

This means we rely on people like you to help fund our campaign.

We urgently need to raise funds to cover all the costs of registering our candidates (£500 each) and printing leaflets for homes across the two constituencies. In the last election £2,000 allowed one candidate to run a professional campaign – we need to raise at least that sum for each of us.

We want to stand in this election to offer a voice of reason, compassion, environmental sustainability, common sense and cooperation. We want to stand up to the short sighted austerity and narrow mindedness of the Conservative government, and to complacency of big-party politicians in the current system. We want St Helens to prioritise local investment which will provide secure well paid jobs in the green economy for our young people.

Our main focus in St Helens will be the Green Belt because of the devastating destruction of the country side proposed by the Labour council here. Residents are furious about this and rightly so.

If you are able to support us, we want to run a professional, ambitious campaign we will seek to change politics for the better. We want St Helens to have a choice on the 8th June. 

Thank you – from us, and all at St Helens Green Party,

Jess and Rachel


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