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Jenny's Day

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Support us in the call for making our dream a reality, marking Jenny's Day as the international day for mental health awarness - 10/10/2021

Jenny Barry at the age of 16, died on the 10th October 2005. 

On this day Jenny hanged herself after she and her Mum, had had an enormous argument.  Jenny had always had a difficult time with feeling depressed, disconnected, misunderstood, and anxious and at the time, was in a particularly dark place. 

After many months, Jenny's Mum - Jenetta - was left also feeling overwhelmed and found herself working through suicidal feelings. Prophetically, 9 months after Jenny's death, Jenetta made the choice to embark on a road to self-discovery and began processing the pain of the tragic loss of her daughter. 

Jenny's Day is now held annually on 10th of October (which happens to also be World Mental Health Day) and has become an empowering platform to support - especially in these times of Covid fallout - both the carers of the depressed as well as those who are feeling depressed / misunderstood / disconnected using the powerful medium of the arts - drawing, dance, song, acting and visuals.

Why do we need Jenny's Day?!

There are many arguments for highlighting the call for more support on mental health conditions. Suicide is claiming the lives of close to 800,000 people every year - 1 person every 40 seconds - and is the second leading cause of death for young people aged 15-29 years and it is likely that these numbers have substantially spiked over the challenges of 2020 and 2021.

Support us on our crucial mission to showcase the reality of what it is truly like to feel depressed / misunderstood / disconnected and where we equally reveal empowering insights and solutions to these challenges.

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