Jennis Birthday Fund!

Jennis Birthday Fund!

It's Jenni's birthday soon, and I thought it would be nice if her community as a whole could come together to get her something nice!

We did it!

On 21st Apr 2017 we successfully raised £125 of £100 target with 11 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

A better present for Jen!

Jenni spends hours doing streams and being  a lovely and kind host to everyone who comes along. She's also a great friend to most of us. We could spend all day complimenting Jenni, but she'll never see this so there's no point ;D

She's spent hours entertaining many of us and it would be nice if we could give something back as a community over all!

So Jenni's  birthday is on the 28th of April, and  it would be nice to see how much we can earn before then to get her something nice.  She mentioned to me recently that she'd like to get a digital camera to take up  a little bit of Photography again, so we could aim for a nice camera, but I'm open for suggestions and will make a poll at some point!

I'll also be adding £15 to this, and Lunar has sent me £7 to add to this, so add £22 to the total current donations and that's what we have.


  • We don't want any heroes, this is just a humble gift from her followers, so please just keep the maximum at £15. I don't feel Jenni would appreciate someone spending too much on her. You can always give more by donating to her stream.
  • KEEP THIS SECRET, IT'S A SURPRISE! (Honestly she hates surprises but I think she'll let this one pass)
  • If you want me to write a note from you with the gift, make a comment or send me a private message with what you want to say.

Once we decide on a gift, I'll wrap it up as nice as I can and pass it to her, with a list of all the names of people who contributed. I won't put how much each person contributed, just the names.  

If you don't trust me (ScottIsPeople/PirateScott) to do this, you might wanna reconsider giving! 

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