Jelly Fitness Community Health Project

Our innovative fitness service will provide a unique exercise environment to embrace all sectors of society & all members of the family.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Jelly Fitness is in the process of becoming a Community Interest Company (this means that all of our profits go back in to the company to provide additional services – we do not have shareholders) and our community health project aims to provide accessibility healthy lifestyle education to everyone throughout the community, this is part of our commitment to addressing the obesity crisis. Jelly Fitness Leisure will be an indoor fitness and health venue located in the area around Hucknall and Mansfield, Nottinghamshire that welcomes all family members, those with unique abilities, those with disabilities and will encourage and support those with low self-esteem that currently fear gyms. We aim to attract 5000 members annually with the ability to grow in size each year. We aim to combat all of the current issues that traditional fitness facilities face and provide physical activity for children, young people and families. 


I'm Simon Gunn co-founder of Jelly Fitness along with my fiancé Jacqueline, we run a small fitness business that is popular with the local community. I was inspired to create the company after exercise helped me to get my life back! As a young man I was severely beaten, this caused me to have many seizures a day for several years, which in turn caused me to become severely depressed. I gained weight which caused the depression to worsen and my mood got lower. Without going into too much detail and boring you silly, after much soul searching I finally knew I had to turn my life around. I had read an article about exercise improving some health conditions and as it happened mine were conditions that could be improved with exercise. It was a long slog with many relapses, but eventually I became healthy in body and mind. I got a job and eventually re-trained as a personal trainer. This is my motivation for this ambitious project. I want to help people like myself see that there is a way out for them. I want to open up fitness to families, those with disabilities and other groups neglected by traditional gyms.

According to Mintel (Market Research) currently only 12% of the UK adult population have “gym” memberships, and f how many of this 12% actually access these facilities is unknown. We firmly believe this low figure is due to lack of facilities providing adequate childcare, services that cater for each member of the family and few venues catering for children and adults with learning and physical difficulties. Jelly Fitness Community Health Project therefore wants to tackle this and many other issues under one roof.

Over 65% of people whom exercise or increase physical activity do so outdoors. Several research projects similar to Professor Jules Pretty believe this is due to the pleasant surroundings and feels of joy and increased mood the outdoors stimulates. With this in mind, Jelly Fitness Leisure will create a positive environment with as much natural light and plants as possible. Not only this, but provide large walled areas with woodland and countryside scenes to boost mood.

Jelly Fitness Leisure will include and provide:

  • A low cost facility that opens from at least 6am through to 11pm each day, with scope to open 24/7.
  • A large supervised crèche opening from 8am to 8pm each day.
  • Classes suitable for children as young as 3 years old.
  • Classes that cater for families.
  • Areas for teenagers to use dynamo powered Xboxs etc via cardio kit such as bikes,
  • Access and equipment suitable for disabilities including the blind.
  • Dedicated staff to cater for these individuals.
  • Sensory room(s) suitable for individuals with emotional difficulties.
  • Staff and initiatives to cater and tackle high BMIs, and people at risk with weight related illnesses.
  • Several areas that can cater for aspects of self-esteem levels. i.e. beginner’s areas that feel safe and are designed to help those with low self- esteem fell at ease. (Not having to walk through the “Gym”.)
  • Café open throughout to encourage social integration into the environment and reduce social isolation and to build community networking.
  • Weekly workshops and seminars in to healthy lifestyles, weight management and a focus on prevention instead of crisis intervention.
  • Educational boards, notices, videos and signs “how to”…
  • Plans and programs available for all levels.
  • Plants and green focused environments. Including natural light where possible.
  • Classes, education and social integration for the elderly.
  • New style of group exercise classes alongside traditional classes.
  • Innovative group exercise environment – but this is a close guarded secret.
  • Solar panels and energy producing equipment to reduce or eliminate costs.

We will also aim to provide as much online, app and technology support as possible as the shift towards wearable technology and smartphone usage intensifies. Thus encouraging weight management at home or whilst on holiday or during periods of injury, for those unable to attend the facility.

The Jelly Fitness Community Health Project aims to provide nutritional strategy by providing a platform to distribute nutritious meals and snacks to each individual at their home or workplace via online ordering service.

Jelly Fitness Leisure will create a mentoring scheme and provide work related opportunities for those with learning difficulties to increase their social integration. This project will create opportunities for work throughout the community thus increasing the growth of economy within the area.

Jelly Fitness Charitable side.

Jelly Fitness ethos has always been to provide a service at low cost to promote weight management and to provide a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Through personal circumstances we are aware that times can be extremely hard for individuals, couples and families alike, therefore, we will provide FREE fitness to those that meet specific criteria.

This will include those with health related disorders, individuals with extreme low incomes, mental health issues such as extreme depression or anxieties and so forth.

We will provide services to cater for care in the community primarily with individuals with learning difficulties, through visits to centers, schools and to our own venue.

We will work closely with other services to ensure that visitors to our gym have access to all help available, this will provide a truly bespoke service for our clients and members.

How we do this.

We fully understand that we will not achieve this whole dream via Crowd Funding, however other funding avenues such as grants and charitable organisations and government funding streams are being sourced. Therefore, we recognise that the full strategy may not be in place immediately and will grow as each successful funding application is received.

Exit Strategy.

Should the business fail to be sustainable or should any unforeseen events take place that renders us unable to continue, we will make every effort to source an alternative owner with such passion as our own, if this is not achieved we will dissolve the organisation and distribute any remaining funds through appropriate charities.

So what now?

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In return for advertising rights we are seeking companies to invest and/or provide equipment.

The general public can purchase several months free as well as other services such as lifetime membership, training sessions or even golden lockers. We are extremely proud that we have considered all aspects of rewards to cater for a diverse need.

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