Jay runs a Half-Marathon (!)

by jay hawkridge in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Jay runs a Half-Marathon (!)
We did it
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by jay hawkridge in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


So, as most of you will know,  I was diagnosed with HIV last year. 

For a long time after diagnosis I never thought I'd be fit again; I was bred into out-dated stereotypes, and led to believe that people living with HIV were on their deathbed immediately, a shell of their former selves.

This couldn't be further from the truth. 

Since my diagnosis I'm in the best physical & mental health of my life; HIV was the reset button needed to roll my sleeves up and begin to see myself with a newfound sense of self-love.

It was a long journey to get here. And right there at the forefront was the support of my HIV Clinic, led by Dr Steve Taylor.

Dr Taylor has been a lifeline to me, from initial diagnosis and explanation of what HIV is, to the reality of a modern day diagnosis.

Saving Lives UK exist to combat stigma and promote testing for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and other Sexually Transmitted Infections. 

I'm running a half-marathon. It's winter, and it might rain, but I'm just thankful that I can do this, so I'm going to, to prove to myself and every young person diagnosed with HIV that you can be your best self.

Please support if you can, and make sure to check my socials @jayhawkridge and @bplusuk, because I'll be posting live content on there next Sunday! (29th Nov).

I'll be tracking the journey through my Nike running app!

Love, Jay x


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