Jayden's memorial fund

Jayden's memorial fund

Rose bush and plaque in the City of London Memorial Garden for my sister.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

On the 13th May 2017 i found out through a newspaper article that my sister had passed away at 23 after struggling with mental health issues, attempted suicides and being in care for past 10 years.

The thing is she passed away in july 2016 and her body had gone unclaimed and so she was cremated and scattered in the City of London Crematorium by social services where others like her were scattered.

This was due to lack social services not communicating properly and contact details for me not being passed on. My sister hmwas diagnose with "Borderline Personality Disorder" therefore we could go months without speaking, unfortunately in this time she had moved AGAIN and no details were passed on. The "person" who gave birth to us also failed to notify me of her passing and left her own daughter as an unclaimed body.


Therefore my sister is left with no plaque, or any type of memorial. Theres nothing to show where she was scattered or even that she is there.

Im thefore trying to raise funds for a memorial garden rose bush and plaque at the crematorium before her 1yr anniversary. Somewhere i can visit aswell as the people she made friends with at her last home. Somewhere people can pay their respects.