Jay Jones Entertainment

Jay Jones Entertainment

I'm raising funds to get my business website up and running, business office space, flyers/banners, projects for all ages in creative arts

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

- putting on events during summer for children/young people doing arts and crafts, sports, dancing, drama improv, comedy, balloon animals, face paint, children's magic, story telling, bubbles, karaoke, sing a longs etc 

- create events for the local community and disadvantaged youths especially families that cannot afford to have parties, events or do anything special for the kids and the family.

- going to local schools, colleges, youth clubs, community centres, outdoor playcentres, after school initiatives, peroming arts establishments and so forth hopefully leading to a tour around the u.k and possibly creating teams all around that could lead to a festival/project/competitions

- equipment such as disco lights, bubble machine and other bubble equipment, arts and crafts materials, face paints

- office space as I'm currently having to work out of my car and home which isnt ideal for my work or customers so a small space where I could probably hold classes as well as store my items for parties and events 

- spreading awareness for my projects i.e posters, leaflets, banners, flyers, promoting on socks media and using them as business tools, advertising on local websites