Help Jausme record and launch her debut EP...

Thank you for making this happen. I am truly humbled and inspired. Your support means the most to me.

We did it!

On 16th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £1,065 of £1,000 target with 46 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Extra funding would allow buying additional equipment to make the music more interesting, i.e. effect pedals, a loop station, a drum machine, or a synthesizer... And to release the EP on a limited vinyl edition. 

Firstly, let me thank you for taking time to read about my journey. 

I have been singing, writing and creating sounds since I can remember. At the age of nine, I started a seven year long musical journey taking up the kanklės, a traditional 29 stringed Lithuanian horizontal harp. 

After I graduated, kanklės was left to dust on a wardrobe back home. A few more years later, I moved to England, where I still wrote songs, played guitar and performed, however, it never made me feel whole. 

Living in a foreign country often leads to losing your identity and missing your roots. I have been searching for my purpose in the musical world for a while. The search inspired me to bring the kanklės over to England, where we got reunited after 7 years. Now the kanklės is my truest friend and companion, the instrument I play and experiment on, getting to know better every day. 

I've suffered from depression since a long time, which affected my creative life. Only music and nature were the medicine that helped me to remain sane and helped me to not get completely lost. After a few live performances, people came up to me to thank me for the inspiration and the soothing effect my music had on them. That it inspired them to be more themselves, go back to their roots, made them feel better after a bad day.  Those comments made me realise that music is a powerful tool and it should be used not to stroke your own ego or show off, but to heal, to inspire and to soothe, to deliver a message, to express the truthful feeling; be it sad or happy. 

The past few months have been tough trying to slowly make music become my full time occupation. I've played my sounds to many ears since the summer. Feedback, such as 'inspiring', 'soothing', 'enchanting', 'magical', 'ethereal' encouraged me to choose music as my only path and finally launch this project. 

So here I am, asking for your help and support, which will allow me to:

  • Studio costs to record, master and release my first EP. I'm going to record it live in the studio along with the cello, double bass and 3-part harmonies. 
  • Merchandising (t-shirts, stickers, etc);
  • A pickup for kanklės, so I can play in the streets and perform in venues without creating additional hassle for the sound engineers; 

Additional funds will empower me to:

  • Record my EP on vynil; 
  • Invest in additional equipment to make my music sound more unusual and interesting, i.e. vocal microphone, effect pedals for the kanklės and vocals and more;
  • Studio time to record an instrumental EP to be used for Yoga and meditation, lullabies and poetry readings;
  • A flight home to visit my old music school and host a songwriting, improvisation and performance workshop to inspire young students to find the fun and the therapeutic element in music. 

I have a lot of selfless music-related ideas, so all the funds will go towards good causes.

Help me reach out to more people and be heard! 

All the love and all the thank yous to you. 



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