Jasmine Hands

Jasmine Hands

We aim to make a film introducing people to the invisible heroes of resistance in Palestine - Palestinian women.

We did it!

On 1st Jan 2017 we successfully raised £295 with 9 supporters in 56 days


Most documentary makers in Palestine speak to men and follow men, giving space to the male narrative but rendering women invisible and at the same time perpetuating the myth that all Mulim women stay at home and care for the family. We wish to illuminate the experiences of Palestinian women , not only as mothers and wives, but also as strong women - activists and resistance leaders. Even those women who are housewives and mothers must be resilient, strong and determined beyond imagination, as too often their husbands and sons are detained by the Israelis without trial or justification, simply kidnapped in a lot of cases, thus leaving the women to provide for the family and hold it together as both male and female.

We are based in Nablus, an extremely old city in the West Bank which is unsurpassed in resiliance and symbolises the Palestinian resistance. Women from Nablus centuries ago held positions of power, running both the cities and the communities. Historically, women from Nablus have always achieved a high level of education and have taken part in the intifadas as either volunteers helping the communities that Israel tries so hard to destry, or as active members of the resistance. The strength of the female character in Nablus is so strong that over the centuries as the modern Arabic language has evolved, Nablus has clung to an effiminate pronunciation of the language.

We intend to start in Nablus and travel the West Bank, meeting women who have met the occupation with resistance, empowerment and determination. From community organiserds and women's rights activists to women who volunteered in community hospitals during the intifada, to women who have been detained, or whose male family members have been detained, our goal is to give these women the recognition they deserve by bringing their stories to a global audience in the form of a feminist film which celebrates Palestinian women at the same time as damning the occupation and the human rights abuses that Israeli Occupying Forces commit on a daily basis in the West Bank, contrary to international human rights law and numerous UN resolutions. We hope to raise awareness and contribite towards people taking an active stance against what Israel is doing here through the interweaving of Palestinian women's stories on film.

Mustafa Azizi is a seasoned film maker and native of Nablus who recognises the need for the world to understand not only the realities of the occupation, but also the significant part that Palestinian women have played in the resistance over the years. They are Mustafa's family, friends, neighbours and countrywomen.


2,500 for producer and directors (plus other crew)

300 for voice overs in different languages

200 for graphics

200 for translators

300 for local transportation for film crew

500 for cameraman and sound equipment

500 contingency. 

TOTAL 5,000.

*This is not-for-profit project and funds raised will cover costs only. Any remaining funds will be donated to Palestinian women's charities.





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