Jars - Short Film

by Leanna Lucas in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Jars - Short Film
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Introducing Jars, a short dark comedy about a teenage psychopath and her clueless therapist.

by Leanna Lucas in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Jars - Short Film 

Jars is a dark comedy about a teenage psychopath and her clueless therapist. We are taken on a sinister yet humorous journey as we follow Luna, a 16 year old with no emotion or empathy. Luna spends her spare time collecting strange artefacts and specimen jars. She is shocking, unfiltered and utterly crazy. Steven, her therapist is set on helping his patient, however Luna has other plans.

Why I need your help:

If you help me today, I will be able to:

- pay actors 

- pay for the set, props and costumes 

  • - lock down locations
  • - pay for actors and crew expenses 

With your money I will be able to create the film i've wanted to make for years and by donating today, you can help to make my dreams come true! This is a film I would love to take to festivals, to make contacts with and hopefully help move me into the industry. You could also win some cool rewards such as an original poster from the film or a creepy prop from the film! 

Meet the team:

Leanna Lucas - Writer, Director, Producer, Editor 


"My name is Leanna Lucas and I am a third year Film and Moving Image Production student at Norwich University of Arts. I am currently in the pre-production process of making my graduation film, Jars. I am a writer/director and will be writing, directing, producing and editing my film.  As a big horror and comedy fan, this film is something I have been itching to make for years. I've been inspired by series such as 'American Horror Story', 'End of the f*cking World' and 'Killing Eve'. I want to create a film that not only entertains you, but leaves you wanting to more. I want to prove my worth and establish who I am as a director and what I can do."

George Hellings - Production Designer

"For this short film I’ll be taking on the role of production designer. The sadistic but humorous nature of ‘Jars’ is what drew me to it in the first place. Helping to create the fiendish world that Luna inhabits with a careful approach will definitely be one of the most interesting yet fun roles I have taken on so far in my work in film."

Sam Hackett - Cinematographer

"I'm Sam Hackett, I will be the Cinematographer for this film. I've gained some good experience as a cinematographer over the past few years and intend to use all my knowledge and creativity to make this a really special piece. I am extremely excited to be a part of this project and to make it into something great!"

Will Neary - Sound Designer  

"My name is Will Neary and I will be doing the sound design on the short film 'Jars'. What initially drew me to the project was the intense story and idea. I think it would be great to do sound work on as its quite visceral. I've got some great things planned for the film down to the music and am excited to get started."


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

A Jars film poster!

By donating 20 pounds or more, you will receive a poster of the film!

£1 or more

Email from the team

If you donate £1 you will receive an email saying thank you from the team!

£5 or more

Instagram shoutout!

By donating £5 you will receive an instagram shoutout!

£100 or more

A creepy prop from the film!

By donating £100 or more, you will receive a creepy prop from the set. It could be a weird doll or a shrunken head, who knows!

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