Japanese Gardens and Dojo

by Jon McNaught in Stone, England, United Kingdom

Japanese Gardens and Dojo
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To create a fully functional authentic Japanese in design dojo, temple, village buildings and gardens.

by Jon McNaught in Stone, England, United Kingdom

To create a fully functional authentic Japanese in design dojo, buildings and gardens, these are then to be used to encourage training in  traditional martial arts, archery, sword, horsemanship, traditional  forge techniques, yoga classes and gardens to meditate and enjoy as well  as a traditional tea house.

Phase 1 - Current Finance Requirement £100,000 - Year 1

  • Purchase appropriate land (7 acres).
  • The land will be physically examined and tested to identify the soil type, composition, Perc and PH level testing.
  • Designs will be created for the garden and buildings, utlising the layout of land available.
  • Planning permission will be sought for the design and access.
  • Once planning has been approved additional funding will be  sought for next Phase 2 .

Phase 2 - Future Funding Required - Year 2

  • Raise finance to create gardens - £100,000 estimated cost.
  • Implement gardens, sourcing the material, plants etc.
  • Developing pathways/walkways, waterways.
  • Open Gardens

Phase 3 - Building and Further Funding - Year 3

  • Raise finance to construct buildings - Starting with main hall/dojo - £250,000 estimated cost.
  • Construct main dojo and open for training.

Why is it important.....

The site shall be of interest to gardeners, people wishing to train  in martial arts and who want to learn about meditation, horsemanship,  sword and archery training as well as learning about forge techniques,  all learning around a traditional Japanese framework. This will allow people and groups to experience a taste of Japan without having to raise the finances to go to Japan, this will also create local jobs and has been my  dream for many years.

Who am I.....

I have had a keen interest in most things Japanese, the culture and technology has captivated me all my life.I have trained in a traditional Japanese martial art for the last  seven years.

My previous project experiences are ranging from a couple of thousand to  multi-million pounds, I aim to use my expertise to ensure this project is a  success.

I currently have access to ponies after much negotiation to allow our  horseback training, thank you to Valentine Ponies for this offer.

I have the permission of the Shinobi Kai to offer training in a  traditional Japanese martial art once the main hall/dojo has been completed, there  has also been an interest expressed in using the dojo for other martial  art training, which I hope to encourage other martial art forms, to hold seminars, classes and regular events.

I have a facebook group of four thousand individuals + all of which  have a keen interest in Japanese gardens and buildings who I will draw  on for their input and advice. The whole project will be organic and grow as ideas, individuals and groups become involved.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£250 or more

Bronze Membership

1 Year membership to the Shinobi-Kai, training in martial arts for 6 months through the Shinobi-kai at Stoke, also one year entry to the site in the first year of opening.

£500 or more

Silver Membership

2 Years membership to the Shinobi-Kai, training in martial arts for 12 months through the Shinobi-kai at Stoke, also free entry to the site for the first 2 years of opening.

£1,000 or more

Gold Membership

3 Year membership to the Shinobi-Kai, training in martial arts for 16 months through the Shinobi-kai at Stoke, 4 years free entry to the site once open.

£10,000 or more

Platinum Membership

Life time membership to the Shinobi Kai and free training in Stoke for 5 years, entry to gardens and buildings for life.

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