Although a very deeply personal challenge and a challenge that I have been wanting to do since the age of 11; I now find myself fulfilling a lifelong dream on behalf of those who need it the most. Being able to raise monies for those who need it the the most.The Ocean Floor Race is a non-stop footrace of 160 miles through one of the most beautiful and surreal landscapes on earth. Brainwave & Waterforkids will benefit from my challenge! Am I scared yes, but so are children like my son & those kids who have NO WATER.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Having a glass of water or simply being able to write your name is taken for granted, please help those to experience what you automatically do every day. On behalf of Brainwave, Water for Kids & me, may you all be blessed abundantly & know that your monies do make a difference.

The Ocean Floor Race is a non-stop footrace of 160 miles through ‘The Egyptian Western Desert’, one of the most beautiful and surreal landscapes on earth, with a time limit of 96 hours to complete.

I have had a dream since the age of 11 to be able to run across the desert, yes that right run across the desert........ My friends say it’s mental…. However it’s just a run across the desert.  My friends asked me, "Janet why on earth would you run across the desert, one of the harshest terrains and environments on earth." I replied: "Well it's simple, ever since I was a little girl aged 11, I knew I was a determined woman, and having had a mature awareness because of traumas, one grows up quickly, and I just knew that the strong survive and if you want to survive, never allow others to knock you back; therefore running through the desert is easy..... However it's the challenge of  control of body, control of mind, control of self will, pushing hard when one is about to collapse, control of resources, and control of nature; nature will always win, however if one becomes one with nature you learn to work with it and not against it.  WATER, FOOD, and PROTECTION. Water is the most precious resources there is, yet we fail to see it, running in the desert will not only test ones strength but first ones ability to be wise beyond all;  using water sparingly is the key to balance of mind, body, soul, against environment.  Running through the desert is really a drop in the ocean, it's actually running through the ocean anyway.

“Janet fails to realise just what an impact she has on her son, community, friends, charities and life in general and the wider environment.  She is not just an inspiration but a woman who never gives up, despite what is thrown at her.  

I am running for BRAINWAVE – http://www.brainwave.org.uk

Brainwave is an amazing charity that has not only helped my son but continues to help my son, who suffers from Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum neuro damage.  They help him with muscular, neuro processing, speech and daily functioning developments with the help of personalised home and school programmes. They continue to help and support children like my son enabling them to lead as ‘normal a life as possible’. 


WATER FOR KIDS - http://waterforkids.org.uk/

Water for Kids is an incredible Charity set up by Environmental Health Practitioners, helping disadvantages communities who have no running water and or sanitation.  In today’s world, it is very difficult to understand that these situations still exist. Water is the most essential element to life and wellbeing.  

May you all be blessed and Thank you always.

Janet Willicott