JAM London: remarkable live music, great night out

by JAM London in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

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We're introducing JAM London - the astonishing live music night out - through a 12 week pop up tour of London this summer

by JAM London in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

JAM London is on a mission to bring the phenomenal experience that is an outstanding live music show to the city of London, every week.

You know that feeling you get?

The one deep in your chest when an absolutely cracking tune comes on. A tune that can just as easily make you feel like anything’s possible, or that there’s nothing quite as perfect as feeling sad?

Now imagine a place you could go of an evening in London, where the best bloody band in the city was performing stadium quality live shows to an audience of two hundred, every one of them sharing in that feeling.

Welcome to JAM London.

 This summer, JAM London is making its debut with a pop-up tour of the city. Over 12 weeks, starting on 5 - 7 July, we will be visting every corner of London to introduce our electrifying blend of stadium-quality live music, phenominal atmosphere and outstanding service. 

The JAM House Band

We’re proud to have the best bloody band in London. The 6-piece JAM House Band is a collection of world-class musicians who have been deliberately combined to form the ultimate cover band.

No-where else in the city can you experience the same remarkable ensemble perform everything from The Beatles to Taylor Swift; Bob Marley to Coldplay; Bruce Springsteen to George Ezra.

We believe that once you’ve got a party started, it’s only fair to keep it going. That’s why the JAM House Band play 3 shows a night, live on stage for over 4 hours until 1.30am.  

Food & Drink

Before too long we’ll be up and running in our permanent home with a full bar offering and sumptious home-cooked food to keep you going. Until then we’re touring London all summer with our top-notch pop-up.

In partnership with our friends at Five Points Brewery in Hackney, we’ll have a full range of fantastic London beers on top at each of our pop up events, as well as a range of outstanding wines by the glass and bottle.

We want you to get completely caught up in the music and atmosphere, and don’t want anyone drawing the short straw to stand at the bar and get the next round in. That’s why our team of talented servers will be on hand all night offering full table service. In fact, we don’t even have a bar; so sit back (or get up and dance), we’ll bring your drinks to you.

As much as we’d love to serve food at our pop-up events, it’s one step too far to be practical. Instead, we’re operating on a BYOT basis - Bring Your Own Takeaway! Simply order the food you want using Deliveroo or UberEats, being sure to include your table number in the address. When the food arrives, your server will bring it straight to your table - easy peasy. 

Finally, a big part of our passion for remarkable live music is its ability to bring people together. Something about sharing in the experience over a few hours and a few drinks always manages to turn strangers into friends. Seating is arranged on a first come, first served basis at all our pop-up events, and many our tables are big enough for a large group. Be prepared for your group to be seated with others you didn’t previosuly know.  

How can you get involved?

We're looking for die-hard music lovers who share our passion for the power of a phenomenal live show to help us get underway with our pop-up tour this summer. We're keeping the tour as bare bones & low budget as possible, just focussing on putting on a great night with the best bloody band in town. Contributing to our crowdfunder will help us secure the best venues, let us hire the full range of kit needed for an incredible sound, and enable us to spread the word about our mission across the city.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

JAM Founding Support Ticket (with t-shirt)

All the benefits of a £15 pledge, with a JAM London t-shirt thrown in for you to wear with pride to the show

£15 or more

JAM Founding Supporter Ticket

Pledge £15 and you'll get a ticket to your choice of our pop-up shows, with added benefits including; - Jumping the queue to get straight to your seats - Exclusive ability to reserve a table (first come first served for everyone else) - Guaranteed to be in one of the best seats in the house Just drop us an email to bookings@jamlondon.co.uk after your pledge to let us know which show you'd like to attend and we'll sort your ticket(s)

£50 or more

JAM Legend

Bag yourself Founding Support Tickets to 3 of our pop-up shows, as well as a t-shirt, a free drink when you arrive and a shout-out from the band on stage

£100 or more

JAM Global Superstar

Our Global Superstars can attend as many of our pop-up shows as they like, always getting to the front of the queue and having their pick of the best seats in the house. You'll have your JAM t-shirt and a shout out from the band every night you're with us, plus a free bottle of wine to get your night started

£250 or more

JAM Global Superstar (with an open bar!)

If you love phenomenal live music, and a great night out you might be just the sort of Global Superstar we're looking for! All the benefits of our regular Global Superstars, but instead of a free bottle of wine you can enjoy an open bar each night you attend - just for you though, unless your guests are Global Superstars too

£1,000 or more

0 of 5 claimed

JAM Ultimate & Legendary Megastar

If you're the kind of wild music-loving dreamer who fancies chipping in 20% of our target, we'll say thank you by sending the best bloody band in London - the JAM House Band - round to your house for a private gig.

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