Jailian Kaipeng Appeal

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Jailian Kaipeng Appeal
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On 2nd October 2017 we successfully raised £13,306 with 500 supporters in 7 days

This is two-year-old Jailian Kaipeng who is slowly going blind.

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This is two-year-old Jailian Kaipeng who is slowly going blind.

His parents Neirbanglal, 28, and Chengmaite, 25, are so poor they have not been able to afford a comprehensive medical consultation for Jailian and have not been able to confirm his condition.

Recently, a local doctor arranged through the help of a local missionary, suggested he is suffering from Orbital Pseudotumour, an inflammatory condition of the eye muscles.

However, a different doctor in Delhi suggested it could be a form of eye cancer called Retinoblastoma.

In order to diagnose Jailian’s eye condition and have any hope of receiving treatment before his sight is gone for good, his parents need money.

After our journalists broke Jailian’s story online today (Monday September 25, 2017), there have been offers to donate money in a bid to help Jailian get the correct diagnosis and treatment.
Cover Asia Press are working with his parents and top specialists in New Delhi to help Jailian achieve the medical attention he needs.

Dr Shashidhar Tatavarthy, a paediatric at Artemis Hospital, in Delhi, said: ‘We need to do a biopsy immediately to confirm the condition and differentiate it from a malignant tumour. The boy has not lost his sight yet but if he’s left untreated any longer he could lose his sight completely.

‘It is extremely rare to have this condition in a child of two years old. Surgery would be very complex but essential. The cost would include surgery and treatment afterwards, as well as travel and daily expenses for the parents. In total it could be over Rs 5 Lakh. This child needs immediate attention and treatment.'

Who are we?
Cover Asia Press is an international multimedia press agency with offices in the UK and India. We provide content to mainstream media all over the world.
Our website: www.coverasiapress.com

Where are we from?
We have offices in London and New Delhi, and members of our team are from numerous different locations such as Wales, London, Kashmir, Delhi, and many more places across India.

What is our relationship with the family we are raising funds for?
Our journalists based in Delhi documented Jailian's story after finding out about his plight through a local journalist.

Upon visiting the village, it was clear that Jailian's condition was severe and needed urgent medical attention. 
Due to the severity of his condition, the remoteness of his home and his parents' poor financial condition, we decided to produce a news story and share it to the media to bring awareness to his condition.

We subsequently set up this page page off the back of the volume of requests received offering to help Jailian.

How will the funds be used?
The funds will primarily be spent on getting Jailian surgery and treat the condition, and ultimately improve his quality of life. Any surplus money will be given to the family to go towards his education and future. We are already in touch with a private hospital in India about helping Jailian. His parents are aware of this page and are very appreciative of any help given.

How do we intend to get the funds to the family?
We will deliver the funds directly to the private hospital in India, to pay for medical care and treatment. Any surplus money will be placed into a bank account for the family, to go towards Jailian’s future care, education and other needs.

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