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Bringing the community together with my healthy Jamaican inspired food. Grown together and cooked by me. Distributed by local young people.

by Jade Wright-Samuels in Mitcham, England, United Kingdom

I have lived in Polalrds Hill for most of my life, I can see that it is in need of a community togetherness project and I am starting food delivery service.

I would like to grow our own produce and employ local young people as delivery bike riders who, with loyalty to the company, could have their CBT paid for by the company and progress to delivering meals on mopeds. 

The money raised will pay to create an app customers can order food from and another where they can interact. 

It will also pay for seeds, soil, shovels and all the garden equipment needed to grow and protect our own produce. 

I will also use it to promote JAdeMAICAN Cuisine's events, job openings and concept though flyers, posters, business cards, local publications and social media. 

Monies raised will buy bicycles, and a used moped to use as delivery vehicles. It will also be used to buy protective wear and hot food delivery containers.

I will cater events such as festivals and special occasions and will provide food for office meetings and building sites.

I will use the funds to buy portable equipment to facilitate events; such as food warming containers and presentation trays.

I would like to hold cookery classes in local community centres as well as schools and raise awareness about healthy eating and food budgeting skills. I would like to provide meal plans and weekly subscriptions for people who are less able to prepare food for themselves.

The funds will enable me to buy a camera to promote classes and cooking parties; and software to help me create interactive content and lesson plans.

Eventually I would like to set up a food bank where people can donate fresh, frozen or canned foods and I would like to grow enough produce to be able to donate fresh fruit and vegetables to people in need in the community.

I have sourced a kitchen at a good rate. The building has a garden and an event space both have been offered to me to use and will use them host various events.

This funding will pay rent in advance, and any additional rates or fees occurred when signing up for the kitchen and the business. It will also pay to rent and decotate the event space for the brand launch and the stock used for any free, mini samples offered at the launch. 

I worked in Caribbean restaurant for around 5 years and have the support of my father who had one before he retired.

I will buy table linen and uniforms for myself and the riders with our logo on them. This will push promotion in every image.

I have sourced a small amount of funding from a local business start up pot. This will allow me to make some basic steps and I am very grateful for that.

I hope that this avenue can help me take my business to a modern competitive level. An app would be an invaluable tool for JAde'MAICAN Cuisine as well as bicycles, merchandise, uniforms a good camera and some quality kitchen equipment.

I would like to push my business on social media as much as possible and will offer live link to the kitchen for reassurance and interaction.


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