Jackson new knees

Jackson new knees

My Boston Jackson has been born with patella luxation. Both his back knees dislocate and give way on him. He needs two operations

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Jackson was born with Patella Luxation. Both his back knees dislocate and fail on him constantly which is causing him much pain. He has a daily painkiller. 

To try and improve this he needs two operations on both knees. The groove under his knee cap is to be made deeper and a piece of bone from his lower leg has to be cut away and pinned on the other side. 

Unfortunately my insurance will only cover one knee. It costs minimun £6000 not including his dog behaviourist work as he is now scared of humans touching him. 

I am asking for help towards this operation. I am self employed and am struggling to save by myself. 

Help Jackson 

Much Love