Jack the Ripper a new suspect.

by Ripperology in Grimsby, England, United Kingdom

Jack the Ripper a new suspect.
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To research a new suspect, believed to be Jack the Ripper.

by Ripperology in Grimsby, England, United Kingdom

Understanding and discovering the past is important not only for learning and building into the future with an informed mind, but also for simply satisfying our own curiosity and intrigue. When discovered, the secrets history holds can unify multitudes of different people with a shared sense of pride and achievement. One persons discovery can be shared and inspire many; a collective quenching of our thirst for learning what is unknown. With the discovery of new evidence one such opportunity presents itself. An opportunity for unlocking the identity of a serial killer raised to infamy through the years and whose identity remains to this day a mystery. Jack the Ripper. The evidence in question points to a name. A name previously unexplored. With this an opportunity presents itself for us, together, to unlock this secret and blow open the identity of one of the most renowned serial killers history has to offer. I would love for you to partner with me in this journey. A small amount of financial support from you will make all the difference to this exciting new line of investigation. To be done well research takes time and with that costs money. Your money will help gain access to vital information needed to further this research and enable me to do this to the best possible standard. I’m passionate about unlocking secrets like this and giving new life to the past. If you share this passion for the past and are excited by the prospect of new discovery I would love for you to stand with me and support me.

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